February 2014 Recap


February 2014 Recap{heart clipart via here}

The blog was pretty slow this month, but I think it still deserves a monthly recap! Here’s my how my February went, blog posts and other life tidbits included. There’s not much else to say, so let’s get started, yes?!

february in three wordsHappy, busy, and shopping! I had a lot going on both my school weeks and weekends; many days were filled with some shopping trips as well. However, when I look back on my month, I can’t help but think how happy it was! Hopefully, the good vibes carry into the rest of March as well :)

Time After Time{can you say LOVE?! I was so happy to read the sequel to one of my favorite books this month.}

what i read and reviewed: Although I did not read as much I would have liked too this month, all of the good novels I got to made up for it! I went on a big library holding session {where I request books to come in to my local library from other towns} in mid-February, so I have many more library books waiting on my bookshelf to be read. I also got Cress on Amazon; I cannot wait to start it!

Although I have not posted the review yet, I also finished The Diviners by Libba Bray. I have a lot of thoughts to share on that one! I am also right in the middle of the cutest middle grade, The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing by Shelia Turnage. It’s the sequel to Three Times Lucky, and it is great so far!

Breakfast Slab Piewhat i baked: I shared the best recipe for feeding a crowd: Breakfast Slab Pie. I also picked some of my favorite treats for Valentine’s Day, but really, with a little tweak here and there {or none at all!}, no one will notice if you make them for dessert now :)

Blogging Loves

other things i wrote: I wrote what I adore about both blogging and reading {I loved reading all of your comments on the subject. Bloggers and readers are some of the best people. No lie.} in one of The Broke and the Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday.

most popular posts this month: Since I don’t want to share the same reviews over and over again, here were some of the most popular posts this month!

  1. Love? Maybe.: A Book Review
  2. Small as an Elephant: A Book Review
  3. My Summer of Pink and Green: A Book Review

Gooey Banana Chocolate Bars{photo by J.Chong}

around the web: I liked quite a lot of things around the internet this month! Here are some of the things I wanted to share.

March 2014{from My Cute Graphics}

looking ahead: In March, I have plans to introduce some new features here on the blog. I also can’t wait for the first day of spring and finally getting outside to exercise.

Have a wonderful night!



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