loving >> week 112


I’m loving…


waterlogue app

I adore the looks of the watercolor paintings. I have never tried to do one on my own {beyond the basic art class in school, of course}, but that’s when my newest app obsession comes in handy! Waterlogue takes any photo and converts it to a watercolor-style painting. While the end results are usually quite beautiful, half the fun is just finding photos to use! I look forward to printing out some of the better ones to use for decor in my room. It does cost a bit of money, but in my opinion, it is totally worth it.

Pinkberry Peanut Butter Cup Flavorpinkberry’s peanut butter cup flavor

I like to consider myself a frozen yogurt expert :) I actually prefer frozen yogurt over ice cream, so my trips to Pinkberry are quite frequent! I hadn’t gone in a few months, though, due to a busy schedule, so I was excited to try out one of their newest flavors, peanut butter cup! While it won’t replace my favorite flavor of chocolate anytime soon, I really liked it, especially when paired with some delicious add-ons. I top mine with fresh strawberries, chocolate, and granola. Yum!

snow-nyca cup of jo’s ways to survive winter

Now that we are extremely close to March, I would like to officially declare that I am done with winter. I can’t wait for warmer weather and spring-y goodness :) I think my dislike for winter would explain why I found A Cup of Jo’s ways to beat the “winter blues” so amusing. The tips are great on their own, but I love the corresponding illustrations done by the talented Gemma Correll. If you are suffering from seasonal blues, I definitely recommend checking it out!

Crewcuts Dressthis crewcuts dress

My spring is chock-full of big events, so I have lots of dresses on hand for going out. My newest purchase? This cute dress from Crewcuts {on sale too! :)}. I love the lacy trend for spring and summer, and this dress is classy and stylish. I plan on wearing it with a fun-colored cardigan and some cute flats, but it is simple enough that it could be styled in many different directions! Have you started wearing your spring clothing, or are you waiting for the first day of spring?

Design Love Fest Wallpaper Downloadsdesignlovefest’s desktop wallpapers

Finally, because the entire theme of this Love List is how ready I am for spring, I think it only makes sense to share these cheery backgrounds! They were just what I needed to make my phone and mini iPad ready for spring.

Have a terrific night!



3 thoughts on “loving >> week 112

  1. I am in LOVE with basically everything on this list (pun not intended). I’m a frozen yogurt girl too! We don’t have pinkberry where I live, but there’s this one local shop I go to almost every week that’s pretty amazing. I’m excited for them to get Irish Mint in for St. Patrick’s Day because that’s my ultimate favorite flavor! Oh, and that dress is super cute. I’d wear the navy one because 90% of my clothing is navy, but seriously. J. Crew has the cutest stuff!


  2. The waterlogue app sounds awesome, and I’m going to clink on the link to the wallpapers right after I finish commenting, the one you posted looks so pretty! :) Thanks for the links!

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland


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