loving >> week 111


Is there a better day to post a Love List?! I think not :)

I’m loving…


american idol

I am not going to lie, I stopped regularly watching American Idol a few years ago, around the time Simon Cowell left. However, I have always enjoyed the auditions, so I decided to tune in this year, and I am quite happy I did! I love the new panel of judges. Harry Connick Jr. was a terrific addition, and along with Jennifer Lopez and Keith urban, they all seem to balance each other out with their criticism. The audition process has already finished, but next week, the top thirty performers move to the big stage. I am excited to see all of the new contestants this year, and with the improvements American Idol is making, I am sure that there will be an increase in ratings as well.

Whole Heart Charm Bracelet

alex and ani’s whole heart bangle

I am a huge fan of Alex and Ani, so I was delighted to receive a new bangle from my super-lovely parents today! The heart is obviously perfect for Valentine’s Day, but I plan to rock it year-round. It’s not only cute, but it also helps charity as well. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the American Heart Association {is there a more fitting charity?} through December 2014. So you can support a cause and have an adorable accessory at the same time – a big yay! :)

Kit's Candy-Making Set


the spring 2014 american girl releases

I usually don’t post about AG here, saving it for my doll-focused blog, Doll Mag, that I write with my sister, instead, but I loved the new releases from yesterday so much that I had to gush about them here too! February is the usual time of year when American Girl releases their spring and summer items, and the outfits and accessories from yesterday were no exception. One of my most favorite releases was Kit’s Candy-Making Dress and Set, shown above, because I love the little details in the accessories and the pretty pink of the dress. You can read about my other likes and dislikes here, and browse the rest of the new items here!

The Literary Shopaholic at Pop Goes the Reader

pop! goes the reader’s the literary shopaholic feature

It’s obviously no secret that I heart books, so my loving book blogs shouldn’t come as a surprise either. I found Pop! Goes the Reader earlier this year, and since then, I have always looked forward to Jen’s posts. When she posted her latest feature, The Literary Shopaholic, I was all on board because it combined my two most favorite things: reading and shopping! I loved everything she shared, and I can’t wait for the next installment. Until then, two questions for you. [a] Book blog recommendations? I am always open to suggestions! [b] and bookish finds? I do love a good book-related item :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

{via; I actually pinned this quite a while ago on good old Pinterest, and this was the closest source I could find!}

february vacation!

This afternoon marks the beginning of my nine-day vacation, and I could not be more EXCITED! Even with multiple snow days the past couple of months, I can’t help but notice how draining the school week feels. With my break, I’m hoping to sleep in, do some spring wardrobe shopping, see The Lego Movie {it’s supposed to be amazing} and get through all of the new books I just received at the library. There’s not much that gets me more happy than thinking of a week of no school.

Have a wonderful evening!


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