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I’m loving…

Crewcuts New Arrivals January 2014

crewcut’s new arrivals

I am fortunate to be petite enough that I can still fit in the upper sizes of J.Crew kid’s line, Crewcuts, clothing. Although not everything is for me {I tend to stay away from neons and sparkles.}, there were a few pieces I adored from their new release! Let’s talk about them, shall we? Starting from the top left, going clockwise, I love that pink, jeweled headband; I like wearing embellished hair accessories with a messy bun. That shirt, with the shades of pink and orange, was calling my name the moment I saw it. Wouldn’t it be perfect for spring, even going into early summer?! I also love the blue cardigan, which has the same pattern as the shirt, but in different colors. Finally, I will never be able to afford it, but the Liberty animal print dress is gorgeous. I will just have to admire from afar.

Sunrise App

sunrise app

I am always using Google Calendar. It is really handy for keeping school, two separate blogs, rehearsals, and other activities straight! Unfortunately, I hadn’t had much luck with finding an app I enjoyed using for my iPad or phone that would show my calendar, until I discovered Sunrise. With a simple and sleek design, I love that it is so easy to quickly edit an event or add something new in. Definitely try it out if you also like using Google Calendar!

Boden Warehouse Sale Boston{via; this blogger did a wonderful recap of the February sale last year.}

boden sample sale

I’ve gone to so many of these that it’s become a little tradition! Tomorrow, I will be attending my sixth Boden sample sale, and I can’t wait to go. I love finding some new items for my spring wardrobe, and you can never beat a Boden item at a good price. If you haven’t been, it is absolutely insane, as you can see from the photo above! My little sister, who is also a warehouse sale expert, and I recommend packing lots of snacks, a good book for the lines, and a shopping playlist. Take it from us, it’s really fun :)

A Beautiful Mess' Ten Tips for a Productive Lifea beautiful mess’ ten tips for a productive life

A Beautiful Mess consistently ranks in my favorite blogs, so it came as no surprise that I enjoyed one of their recent posts on how to stay productive. I love vacations and breaks as much as the next person, but sometimes stuff just needs to get done, you know?! I thought that their list was great, and although I was already in habit of doing some of the things mentioned, I was able to pick up some helpful tricks as well. How do you stay organized and productive? It can be a struggle finding the perfect balance!

Valentine's Day Cheereasy valentine’s day cheer

Because February starts tomorrow, I figured my room needed some Valentine’s Day decor! I simply cut out a few hearts from pink and red scrapbook paper, attached them to yarn with mini clothespins, and taped it to my door. Easy-peasy, and my room is already feeling more festive. I am actually quite excited for February! It’s spring transition month, and in my mind, there’s nothing better.

Have a wonderful rest of your day!



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