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Hi!Style Snapshot January 2014: Working OutI am SO excited to start Style Snapshot up again! I took a break from this feature in December, so my last one was quite a while ago. Anyhoo, to kick off a new year’s worth of style posts, I thought I would share some of my favorite fitness gear. There’s no arguing that one of the main resolutions made each year goes along the lines of staying fit and healthy. I totally encourage this goal, and I am always trying to fit in bits of exercise throughout my day, whether it is some strength or core stretches done at night or some yoga poses in the morning! Of course, I also believe that you’ll be much more motivated to work out if you look coordinated while doing it. Wouldn’t you agree?! :) I try looking for bright colors and fun patterns in fitness clothing or accessories, as you can see above. Out of all of the things shown, I think my favorites would have to go to those sneakers. I’m loving the colors! Was one of your resolutions to exercise more?

1 >> Nike Air Pegasus +30 in Bright Magenta from Nike

2 >> New Balance Sneakers for J.Crew in Alpine Blue from J.Crew

3 >> Fly Away Tamer Headband in Fresh Teal from Lululemon

4 >> Fast Track Half Zip in Cerulean Blue Heather from Athleta

5 >> Cushion Low-Cut Socks in Neon Pack from Asics

6 >> Breathe V-Neck Tee in Neon Coral from Gap

7 >> Deep V-Neck Oversized Dip Dye T-Shirt from Aerie for American Eagle

8 >> Run Seven-Eighth Tights in the Stella McCartney collection from Adidas

Have a wonderful rest of your Thursday!



3 thoughts on “working out

  1. Those Nike shoes are super cute, and I loveee that track jacket. I did make one exercise-ish resolution, which is to continue to progress in my yoga practice (both physically and mentally), which so far is going pretty well! I practice for an hour every day and I definitely feel so much better afterwards. And I totally agree that you have to look cute! Or at least, it makes it more fun haha.


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