loving >> week 107


I am feeling a sudden burst of inspiration this weekend. The school week drained me out, but as I started to look ahead at all of the exciting things happening this year, I couldn’t help but feel happy! :)

Here are the things I am currently loving this week… {and I do apologize for posting this today and not yesterday!}

Rookie Yearbook Two

rookie yearbook two

If I am going to be completely honest, I usually just skim the Rookie articles on the actual site. However, I absolutely adore the written volumes, collections of the best posts from each month. I think it’s because I like actual books more, no matter how much I enjoy reading blogs! I had been wanting Volume 2 ever since it came out in October, so it was one of the first things I sat down to read when I finally got it in December. Like the first yearbook, Tavi and the rest of the Rookie writers put together some of their favorite articles, whether they are photos from a fashion shoot or a raw, honest interview. I love reading and flipping through the book, but beyond that, I also love the visual layout. I have slowly made my way through it, and I am about halfway done now. That’s not a problem, though, because I obviously need it to last me until Volume 3 comes out! :)

Vera Bradley Spring 2014 Release

{pictures via Vera Bradley’s blog, Inside Stitch}

vera bradley’s spring 2014 release

Even in the middle of January, I love that there are always spring clothing and accessory lines to look at to cheer me up! Vera Bradley released their spring line last week, made up of the patterns Clementine, Julep Tulip, Citron, and Blue Bayou. Clementine had an even earlier release in the beginning of December, so I am already using a bag in that pattern that I received at Christmas. Clementine is definitely my favorite one out of the four, but I love that the colors are all different, so that there is a pattern to please everyone! I think Julep Tulip, with the pops of green against the purple, has lots going for it; I can see it on a regular handbag or clutch, but it would also look great on the various fashion accessories. Citron and Blue Bayou are literally the same design, but with different color combinations. Citron has more of a spring-y feel to me, while Blue Bayou seems to be a good spring/summer transition piece. What did you think of the new release?

Sherlock Season 3



Between this premiere and the Downton Abbey premiere a few weeks ago, I know that my Sunday nights will now be filled with British television shows. I am not one to go too far into fandom {and there are a lot of obsessed fans, believe me.}, but I really do enjoy watching Sherlock. My dad got me hooked on the first two seasons in mid 2012, and ever since, I have been patiently waiting for Season 3 to air in the U.S. Thankfully, my wait is almost over with the first episode, named “The Empty Hearse,” showing tomorrow night, and I am so very excited! For those of you who watch and have seen season two, you know that it ended with a pretty big cliffhanger. I haven’t read any spoilers, because I am actually looking forward to being surprised! Will you be watching too?

A Beautiful Mess App

a beautiful mess app

It should come as no surprise that I am a fan of A Beautiful Mess, given that I rave about the site all the time! Elise and Emma are so talented and passionate as bloggers. They released a photo app in 2013, and I always wanted to get it for myself! I finally did, and I have had so much fun with it so far. I love all of the different features that you can use to edit your photos; options include adding gorgeous text or simple doodles. Even better? It is only $0.99 to buy the app itself. {that doesn’t include pack add-ons, which I haven’t yet explored.} Yay, right?!

Long Weekend

the long weekend

Even though it has not even been a month since winter vacation, I can’t help but say how thankful I am for this day off! I find getting back into the swing of things is always difficult, so a break from my regular routine is always welcome. Have a wonderful weekend!


7 thoughts on “loving >> week 107

  1. The Clementine Vera Bradley pattern is so pretty! The colors look so bright and cheerful.
    I’ll be watching Sherlock tomorrow too! I’ve been excited for season 3 to air here. I’ve heard a lot of positive things about this season. :)


  2. Ohhh the new Vera Bradley patterns are so pretty! I especially like Blue Bayou. You’re right, though, it looks more like a transition into summer than spring. I saw Rookie Yearbook Two at the bookstore a few weeks ago and thought of you because I remember you mentioning you liked the first one :) I hope it’s as good!


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