Wrapping for the Holidays


I don’t know about you, but printable gift tags seem to be everywhere these days. It can be a bit overwhelming, when you think about it! I personally think that wrapping presents should be low-key and no stress, so I am so happy to see a rise in bloggers sharing free wrapping paper for readers to print out. It’s obviously not meant for big presents {because there is no way you can wrap anything larger than a book with printable gift wrap}, but I think it would be quite fun for the tiny items. I’ve shared my favorites out of the many available below. And, of course, I just had to add in one gift tag printable; the illustrations are the best.

Printable-Gift-Wrap-Download1 >> Printable Christmas Gift Wrap in Kraft from Lia Griffith

2 >> DIY Nutcracker Gift Wrap from Handmade Charlotte

3 >> Printable Gift Wrap from Say Yes to Hoboken

4 >> Printable Gift Wrap and Tags for Christmas from A Little Birdy Blog

5 >> Snow Wrapping Paper from Mr. Printables

6 >> Holiday Gift Tag Printables from The Sweetest Occasion

Now for the BIG question: Is there a difference between wrapping paper and gift wrap? I use the terms interchangeably, but I could be totally wrong. Who knows?! :)

Have a lovely Saturday!




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