The Boy on the Porch: A Book Review


The Boy On The PorchThe Boy on the Porch by Sharon Creech

Summary: One day a young couple wakes to find a boy asleep on their porch. Unable to speak, the boy cannot explain his history. What kind of person would leave their child with strangers? All they know is that they have been chosen to care for this boy. And as their connection to him grows, they embrace his exuberant spirit and talents. The three of them blossom into an unlikely family, and John and Marta and the boy begin to see the world in brand-new ways.

{kindly taken from Goodreads}

My Thoughts: Sharon Creech has such a way with words; her novels always leave me amazed and usually speechless. Her latest book, The Boy on the Porch, was an extremely quick read, yet packed a powerful punch. I went into reading it not knowing quite what to expect, and I ended it a bit surprised. Was it my absolute favorite? No, but it was a refreshing change of pace, and sometimes that’s all you need!

John and Marta wake up one day to find a sleeping boy on their porch. Unsure why he’s there and what to do, John and Marta decide to keep the boy and raise him until his parents return. Days soon turn to weeks, and weeks soon turn to months, and John and Marta become accustomed to Jacob’s company. From the very beginning, I could tell that John and Marta would be good parents. Their relationship was so strong, and I loved seeing their love for one another and others grow as their lives changed. However, the way the novel was set up, readers don’t get much of a chance to connect with all of the characters. The chapters were so short, and the story moved very quickly, thus I felt like some scenes with certain people didn’t get the attention they deserved. Sharon Creech usually has such a knack for developing characters, so that left me a bit disappointed.

As I stated above, the story was formatted a bit differently than I’m used to. The chapters were usually a few paragraphs long, but no more than a few pages. The pacing was a bit off too – A span of a few years were skipped in one or two chapters. I personally didn’t mind the way the story was set up, but I can definitely see how other readers might be reluctant to pick this one up.

This review might seem overly negative, but it was actually quite a good book. It’s just different, and I can’t really figure out what audience this book will appeal to. I think due to the lack of action and the odd story line, many young readers will put this one down, yet at the same time, I don’t think this is a book meant for adults. I am a bit on the fence, to be quite honest! :) If you have read this one, what did you think?

Pros: I loved the relationship between the two main characters, and the story itself was beautifully written.

Cons: I wish that the supporting characters were given a bigger chance to develop, and the pacing was a bit off.

Heads Up: Nothing to be overly concerned with.

Overall: I give it 3 stars {***} and I recommend it for ages 10 and up.

Have a terrific day!

Bella :)


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