loving >> week 96


My blogging, especially my book reviews, has not been very consistent lately, and I do apologize! School and afterschool activities, plus family events, took over this week. Thank you so much for understanding! :) It is a long weekend now, and I am so, so grateful for that.

Anyhoo, I’m loving…

toy story of terror

I love Pixar movies, especially the Toy Story ones. How could you not adore Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang?! So, I was VERY excited to hear that Disney • Pixar was releasing thirty minute shorts involving the Toy Story characters. The first one premieres next Wednesday, October 16th, on ABC Family, and I can’t wait to see it! It is called “Toy Story of Terror,” so obviously it is Halloween-themed :) Apparently, one of the toys goes missing, and it is up to the rest of them to find out what happened! It is sure to be cute, at the very least. Will you be watching?

fall 2013 announcement

melody valerie’s fall collection

I have always enjoyed just seeing how gorgeous the dresses look in each of Melody Valerie’s collections, and so far, the Fall 2013 one has not disappointed. Although the pieces are far too pricey for myself, I do like looking at them and seeing what they come up with! :) Their first dress came out a few weeks ago, and it is stunning. {see a few pictures here.} The purple ombre layers are so pretty! Tomorrow, dress number two will be released on Ebay, and if it is anything like the first one, I am sure it will be beautiful. And they are not the only doll shop releasing fall lines. Two of my other favorites, Janie Jumps and Soda Pop Street, did too!

culinary covers

Don’t you just love stumbling across fun, new blogs? I found Culinary Covers earlier this week, and I have been reading all their back posts! It is a really interesting take on recipes; the contributors choose a cookbook or magazine and make the cover recipe, and then they judge it on whether that dish deserved the spotlight. Not only have I found some new recipes to make, it is also such a good way to discover new cookbooks. Go check it out!

studio design app

I don’t have an Instagram, and to be quite honest, I am not really interested in getting one right now. However, when Studio Design was called the Instagram of design, I looked into it! :) I love everything about design in general, and this app really just focuses on that – design! It allows you to experiment with different texts, shapes, doodles and more. It is so easy to use, and I can not wait to make a few more graphics with it. I definitely recommend trying it out!

vera bradley’s home and holiday collection, 2013

Finally, Vera Bradley recently released their 2013 Home and Holiday Collection, and I am so pleased with everything that came out! There are a lot of fun pieces; my favorites would be the ornaments. The Santa one shown is very expensive and a limited edition {only 750 were made!}, but a girl can imagine how nice it would look on her mini Christmas tree right?! :) Psst. I can not wait for the summer line – just look at all the pretty colors!

Have a lovely start to your weekend!



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