An Interview with K.A. Barson


Kelly-Barson-InterviewIt has been over two months since my last author interview. TWO whole months. I figured it was about time that I shared another one! :) A couple of weeks ago, I read the outstanding novel, 45 Pounds {More or Less} by K.A. {or Kelly!} Barson, so I was so very happy that the author agreed to answer my questions. She had some really interesting answers; I particularly loved her advice for aspiring authors when they hit writer’s block. Anyhoo, enjoy!

1. What made you want to write 45 Pounds?

I really wanted to write about a girl who struggled with her weight, but someone who struggled more internally than externally–someone who worried about what people thought, even those who really weren’t judging her the way she thought, but in reality, had their own issues.

2. Do you feel like you can connect with the characters you wrote about, and if so, how?

Yes! I, too, have struggled with weight my whole life, and I, too, have imagined what people were thinking, even when they weren’t judging me. Like Ann, I’ve also had friends come and go.

3. How did you start to develop each character’s personality?

Because I’d written so many revisions, each time the story changed, I got to know my characters more and more. The plot may have changed a lot, but the characters just deepened. I also do character interviews. I ask weird questions, things that may never make it to the manuscript, but help me to know them better.

4. Ann has an interesting first job selling pretzels! Do you have any funny job stories?

I do. Since I’d worked in the credit department before my kids were born, I decided one day to open my own collection agency. I worked and studied and got licensed and all set up. I even got customers. However, I was a colossal failure. I talked to people too much and empathized with their stories too much. You can demand money from people who you get to know personally. I finally realized that I liked people and their stories more than money, so I became a writer.

5. And, finally, what are your tips for getting past writer’s block?

Take a break and take a walk. Read. Take a shower. Clean out your sock drawer. Do something mindless. Unbeknownst to you, your mind is still working on the story. In no time, you’ll be unstuck. I also find that I get stuck when I’m going in the wrong direction. Sometimes if I back up and regroup, I can find where my story took a wrong turn. Once I get back to where it went wrong, I can figure out where it should be going. Then I’m off and running again. 

A huge thank you to Kelly! And be sure to check out 45 Pounds – it is such a good read!

Have a wonderful Thursday! :)


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