ten authors who deserve a shout-out


Today, I am participating in The Broke and the Bookish’s weekly Top Ten Tuesday to discuss authors that deserve more recognition! While I am all for authors reaching the popularity that only few have ever achieved {like J.K. Rowling and Suzanne Collins}, there are a LOT of other authors that need and deserve a little shout-out! :) I adored all of the following authors’ books, and I encourage you to check them out. Who do you think deserves some more recognition?


Jessica Day George

I had never heard of Jessica Day George until my sister got me hooked! In all seriousness, though, she is an amazing fantasy writer, and I am surprised that she is not mentioned more often, especially for fans of E.D. Baker or Shannon Hale.


Susan Runholt

Susan Runholt hasn’t released a book in a while, but I don’t think that diminishes what good reads her other novels are! I love the entire Kari and Lucas series, and I wish other middle grade mystery fans would check her out.


Liz Kessler

I read Emily Windsnap so much as a little kid, and Kessler’s books continue to impress me. They are really good choices to help anyone get into the fantasy genre, due to the vivid descriptions and engaging plots. Give it to any elementary school girl, and they will love you forever :)


Bianca Turetsky

Despite the amazing idea for a series and the gorgeous execution of both writing and illustration, The Time Traveling Fashionista series is one that not many have heard about. I love the two books, and I’m trying to get others to like it as well.


Elise Broach

One of the best authors for the elementary school audience, hands down. I don’t know if it is just that she hasn’t written a new novel in a while, or something else, but I don’t hear of Broach very often. Let’s change that!


Kristin Levine

I honestly don’t think I can rave any more about Levine’s books, but I feel like I am one of the select few that have actually read them. I am not sure about the library front, but her books are not mentioned in the blog world usually.


Alison McGhee

I specifically chose Alison McGhee because I feel like her Julia Gillian trilogy is looked over time after time. The books are adorable, and McGhee is a pretty fantastic author, so what are we all waiting for?!


Jennifer Donnelly

Jennifer Donnelly has only written two YA books, but both are outstanding reads. If you haven’t read them already, I urge you to take a peek!


Erin Cashman

Cashman entered the YA world a little over a year ago, and her debut novel was amazing. I don’t recall hearing or seeing about it anywhere {I found it randomly at my library!} but don’t let that stop you! :)


Michael D. Beil

Finally, Michael D. Beil deserves a huge shout-out because he is the author the Red Blazer Girls books. Don’t know what those are? You are truly missing out on a fabulous middle grade series!

Have a lovely night!


39 thoughts on “ten authors who deserve a shout-out

  1. I’d have to check, but I feel like I might have a book by Liz Kessler sitting on my shelf waiting to be read. The covers look very familiar. Maybe I’ll get to that soon. (:


  2. I definitely agree with Jennifer Donnelly! I loved both her YA novels, and I’d really like to start some of her adult stuff at some point. Revolution was very interesting to me in particular, since it basically taught me a lot about that time period. :D


    • I knew nothing about the French Revolution, so I think that is why it was so interesting to me! I would love to read some of her adult stuff as well.


  3. Fantastic list! Good to see Time-Traveling Fashionista on the list as I loved this book but nobody ever seems to have heard of it! I must read the second book soon so thanks for the reminder :)


  4. I loved Jessica Donnelly and Jessica Day George! I’m glad to see them on your list :) The concept of a time traveling fashionista is fantastic! I’m definitely checking out that series!


  5. I was interested in The Time Travelling Fashionista because of the design + concept but forgot about it. Your post definitely gave me the nudge to read it!


  6. Jessica Day George is great. I love Dragon Slippers, and Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow is one of my favorite fairytale retellings. I was a little disappointed with Princess of Glass and Princess of the Silver Woods, though.


  7. I loved the Jessica Day George and Elise Broach books I’ve read, so it makes me happy to see them on your list! I’ll have to check out the other authors you mentioned! :)

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland


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