OCD, The Dude, and Me: A Book Review


OCD, the Dude, and Me

OCD, The Dude, and Me by Lauren Roedy Vaughn

Summary: With frizzy orange hair, a plus-sized body, sarcastic demeanor, and “unique learning profile,” Danielle Levine doesn’t fit in even at her alternative high school. While navigating her doomed social life, she writes scathing, self-aware, and sometimes downright raunchy essays for English class. As a result of her unfiltered writing style, she is forced to see the school psychologist and enroll in a “social skills” class. But when she meets Daniel, another social misfit who is obsessed with the cult classic film The Big Lebowski, Danielle’s resolve to keep everyone at arm’s length starts to crumble.

{kindly taken from Goodreads}

My Thoughts: I truly wanted to like this book more. I thought the summary sounded fun, the cover was very inviting, and from the first chapter, I could tell it was going to be a hilarious story. Unfortunately, well it did make me laugh here and there, the actual story line fell short. I think with a few improvements, this could have been an outstanding novel.

Danielle has never fit in. Besides having OCD, her frizzy orange hair and sarcastic personality hasn’t made her a favorite among her classmates. I thought Danielle wasn’t the strongest narrator. There were a handful of “holes” in her development, and I personally found her to be slightly annoying. She was supposedly a great writer, yet her journals and essays never impressed me. They actually appeared to be written by someone much younger than a high school senior. The one plus I can give to the author is that she explored a topic that is relatively new to the young adult world – OCD. I do wish she went a little more in-depth, because she just touched the surface of it, but at least she tried! :) Thankfully, I found the supporting characters to have a little more depth than the MC, and I liked reading about them more. Some of my favorites were Daniel, who was just so darn cool, and Justine, Danielle’s elderly pen pal, who had some amazing lines of dialogue.

The plot, like Danielle, had a few holes. One that bugged me was that Danielle attends an alternative school for students with challenges, so why are her classmates seemingly normal? At least, I would have liked to known why they were there. The author didn’t need to go much further than that. Another problem was that the book had many references to the film, The Big Lebowski. That I don’t really care about; it’s more when the references interfere with the understanding of the story. On the other hand, the story was funny, and I enjoyed how it was set up in a different format. Journals, essays, and letters all made up the book.

Overall, was this a terrible read? No, but it definitely wasn’t my favorite.

Pros: Fun format and solid supporting characters.

Cons: The MC was not my favorite, and the plot was lacking in a lot of areas.

Heads Up: Language and romance. Religion is talked about with little care, and it might offend certain people. Just throwing it out there! :)

Overall: I give it 2 1/2 stars {** 1/2} and I recommend it for ages 14 and up.

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