loving >> week 82


I’m loving…

Free 'Happy Summer' Printables

oh happy day’s free summer printables

Aren’t these so fun?! The images will be wonderful for any summer graphic. {I’m thinking invitations, signs, even screen-printed on a tote bag!} My favorite out of them all is the watermelon. It’s too cute! I already saved the link to use later this summer.

teen vogue’s august 2013 issue

This happens every year. I receive my August issue, which discusses back-to-school tips and tricks, just as I get out of school in June! Anyhoo, this was a HUGE issue, and it was full of a lot of good articles. Here are my faves…

  • a summer story I am now very intrigued and want to see the movie, The Way, Way Back! It looks interesting, and it stars Steve Carell and Anna-Sophia Robb, so what could go wrong?! :)
  • breaking bad I think Emma Watson is amazing. Truly, utterly amazing. She is intelligent, stylish, and she just seems so darn nice! It is very refreshing to see her in Hollywood, among people such as Miley Cyrus and Ke$ha, yes?
  • miss america I just liked the outfits and shoot, to be honest. It was quite fun, and the interview with Sailor Brinkley Cook was a nice read, as well.

Vera-Bradley-Fall-2013vera bradley’s fall 2013 launch!

Well, it’s more like the pre-launch :) Vera Bradley released some of the upcoming products yesterday, while the bulk of them will come out on July 9th. Nevertheless, I am in love with quite a few of the items, and I feel they will make their way to my house sooner or later. The patterns this round are not that bad either. From left, Cocoa Moss screams fall, yet I also think it will make a good transition to winter as well. Heather is so fun and perfect for the younger and older crowds alike. I love the color combinations; purple and teal are so pretty together! Finally, Lola is a completely different feel, but I think it would be a good one for home and/or fashion products.

The Secret Lives of Baked Goods: Sweet Stories & Recipes for America's Favorite Desserts

the secret lives of baked goods

This is such a fun cookbook! Jessie Oleson Moore, who is the genius creator behind Cakespy, not only provides delicious-looking recipes, she also tells the back story of each baked good. I love learning the little tidbits about some of my favorite treats to make, like cupcakes and cookies. The book is formatted beautifully, and the drawings sprinkled throughout are delightful. It was published earlier this May, so it should be easy to find in bookstores. Because why wouldn’t you want to buy it?! :)


cupcakes and cashmere’s summer hairstyles

Finally, Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere posted three easy and beautiful hairstyles for the summer season earlier this week. They all look simple to do, and I am excited to try them out this weekend. While I love the bun and side pony variation, my favorite is the braided rose above. So chic for summer and the school year alike!

Have a lovely Friday!


3 thoughts on “loving >> week 82

  1. I enjoyed Oh Happy Day! Thanks for sharing that link. Comes in handy on my kids’ birthdays! Oh, and I’ll try book and movie (with my kids) reviews for real this time. You are such a very bright and beautiful inspiration to me!
    Enjoy your summer!


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