Ciao Bella is…

now officially one and a half years old! :)

Yesterday would mark 18 months of blogging fun, ever since I started Ciao Bella! in November 2011. To celebrate this half birthday, I picked out nine of my favorite posts from the 364 I’ve published thus far! It’s so funny to look back at my first few posts, and compare how much I have grown since then.

Favorite-Posts1 // Les Misérables Movie Review Les Mis could possibly be one of my most favorite movies, so reviewing it was a lot of fun!

2 // My Summer 2012 TBR List At that point, I couldn’t wait for releases like Smart Girls Get What They Want and Wish You Were Eyre. I also had a BIG pile of books to read from the library. Hehe. I do love to take out books.

3 // Doll School Kit Part Two I am really happy with how this came out, and the positive feedback never fails to make my day!

4 // Style Snapshot September 2012 Style Snapshots are some of my favorite posts to write-up, but this one was especially fun to do! I love back-to-school shopping, and creating a week of outfits just added to that obsession.

5 // Second Chance Summer Book Review Morgan Matson never fails to write such amazing books. Need I say any more?

6 // Toffee Bars These are my favorite dessert, although definitely not the healthiest :) They are a holiday dessert, meaning my mom and I only make them in December, but the wait is worth it!

7 // My Favorite Fonts Part Two A font geek at heart, rounding up my current favorites only makes sense! I hope to do more of these in the future.

8 // Famous Bellas Last year to celebrate Ciao Bella‘s half birthday, I researched and found famous Bellas in culture. There was a wide variety, everyone from Bella Thorne, a Disney Channel Star, to Queen Isabella of Spain.

9 // Loving >> Week 36 This Love List sums up what I think they are all about. I use them to celebrate things on the web that I adore, my love for the written word, good, high-quality products, and things that I can’t seem to get out of my mind! Love Lists are the most fun to write.

Have a happy Monday!

Bella :)


2 thoughts on “Ciao Bella is…

  1. Happy Birthday Bella! I relish reading your blogs and sharing them with my daughter in law so my eight year old granddaughter can be inspired by your love of reading and other things. And we made the scalloped tomatoes for her First Communion and folks raved about them..


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