loving >> week 77


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Can I just say how excited I am for this three-day weekend?! I can’t wait for my long-awaited break. After that, I have to get through a few more solid weeks of school, and then, yes, it’s SUMMER! :)

I’m loving…


There is a large amount of adorable, animated movies coming out this summer, and the season kicked off today with the film, Epic! It looks like such a fun family movie, starring Amanda Seyfreid and Josh Hutcherson as the two main characters. The plot follows a teenage girl, M.K., as she fights evil in a forest world. I personally think it sounds very cute, and I hope to see it this weekend with my sister!

seventeen’s june/july 2013 issue

This issue was the perfect way to start off my week! Summer lovin’ was definitely the theme for this edition, and it was full of fun and interesting articles. Here are my favorites…

  • lucy I am counting down the days until Pretty Little Liars starts {June 11th!}, but meanwhile reading about PLL star Lucy Hale is just as good. She seems to be a truly genuine person, and I’m excited to see how her career grows in the next few years.
  • girl power I think it’s amazing that such young girls have accomplished so much in the world already. They are so amazing, and the stories they shared were great inspiration. In case you were wondering, the article interviewed Talia Leman, Ainee Fatima, and Morgan Fisher :)
  • celeb fitness special! Seventeen’s fitness tips and workouts are the BEST in the summer! The short, but effective, workouts will be used all summer long.
  • best mani ever They had some great advice on how to get the perfect mani, and I think I will have to try it out this weekend!

master chef

Remember how last week I said that the summer season of television has started?! The next show I love watching, MasterChef, premiered on Wednesday night. The judges really make the show with their hilarious facial expressions and commentary, but the actual show has barely started. We are only on the auditions right now; I think that the challenges are the most fun to watch. You can watch it on Wednesdays on FOX at 8/7c.

Mad Hungry Cravings

mad hungry cravings

This cookbook is outstanding! I checked it out a couple of weeks ago, and it was well-worth it. There are over 150 tasty recipes to try out, ranging from Asian cuisine to a stunning cake to homemade fries. Although seemingly simple, Lucinda Scala Quinn is known for adding flavor with ease, so I’m sure the dishes are all sort of delicious. I can’t wait to try out another recipe in the next few days! If you want more cookbook ideas, this one has made my favorite cookbook list :)

designlovefest’s summer wallpapers

Finally, my iPad needed some summer updating, so I was delighted to see DesignLoveFest’s quirky and creative desktops posted earlier this week! My favorite were the popsicle, shown above. I smile every time I see it!

Have a lovely night!


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