loving >> week 76


It’s been a lovely and busy week, but I am very happy that it is finally the weekend.  I hope to spend most of my time making a few things and hanging out outdoors. It is predicted to be in the high 60’s and low 70’s all day tomorrow and Sunday, so I hope that is the case!

I’m loving…

Blog, Inc.

blog inc.

I’m so happy I put this on hold at the library! Blog Inc. is a quick read, yet it explores all aspects of blogging, from social media to effective design to advertising. It is chock full of helpful tips, and I’m sure it will come in handy as I do some bigger updates to the blog this summer. The author, who writes her blog, Oh Joy!, is very skilled in the area, and I only wish I had this book when I just started out as a blogger. My favorite part would definitely be the interviews with famous bloggers and other business owners worldwide. It was interesting to see everyone’s view on things! Anyhoo, it is a worthwhile read, and I encourage new and expert bloggers alike to read it themselves.

homemade ice cream

To celebrate Mother’s Day, my family got her an ice cream maker! Now, doesn’t that sound like the perfect gift? :) Along with a few starters, our ice cream maker has been in use all week. We’ve only tried vanilla out {not wanting to get too crazy here!}, but I can already tell you I will be eating homemade ice cream all summer long. I can’t wait to make some chocolate, which is my favorite flavor, as well as use some toppings, like chocolate chips, fresh fruit, and crumbled cookies. Do you have any tips when it comes to making homemade ice cream?

teen vogue’s june/july 2013 issue

Sigh. There is six weeks of school left. SIX weeks! I’m hanging on, but I really do wish June and July could come sooner :) Thankfully, my pink-hued covered Teen Vogue came today in the mail, and it screams summer! Here are the articles that caught my eye…

  • power play I totally agree with the statement that it is best to look healthy and strong, and this article really got that message home! I can’t wait to try out the full-body workout included.
  • para para paradise This entire shoot was gorgeous! I loved the warm tones of the outfits and the photos. This one makes my list of favorite fashion articles of the year.
  • water works This was another well-photographed and well-designed shoot. The swimsuits were pretty and colorful, and I liked the vintage feel.
  • mane event Growing out your hair can take a long time. I’m going to keep this tips in the back of my head!

so you think you can dance

The summer season of television has begun! I’m really excited for the bunch of shows premiering this month, and it kicked off with So You Think You Can Dance earlier this week. I am always amazed at what every dancer can do, and it is a really inspiring show. The auditions this week were interesting, to say the very least, and it was nice to see all of my favorite judges reappear again. They sure know how to have fun on the show!

this video on the history of typography

{found here}

Finally, I leave you with amazing and stunning video on the history of typography! It is a really nice summary of everything that happened in the type world in just five minutes :) While worth a watch! Now, I’m very curious to wonder, how in the world did all those letters get cut out?!

Have a wonderful Friday!


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