loving >> week 74


I’m loving…

dear edwina jr.

My little sister, Lulu, is performing in Dear Edwina Jr. this weekend, and I’m so excited for her! I honestly have never heard of Dear Edwina before she signed up, so I am kind of intrigued to see what the show is all about :) All I know is that she is a cowgirl, a chef, and a boy who lives in Hawaii {there was a shortage of males in the cast. don’t you hate that?} all in one show. Bound to be interesting, but also entertaining and oh-so adorable.

angie’s boom chicka pop popcorn

I really do think I have an addiction to popcorn. Yum, yum, indeed. I’m always on the lookout for low-calorie {which usually means low carb!} snacks, and this sea salt popcorn fits the bill! I could honestly eat it all day long, but right now it suffices as a lunch snack or I have a bowl of it after school. And, I promise you that I have no affiliation with the Angie’s brand, but are we not loving that packaging?! :) I think it is so fun and colorful!

Janie Jumpsjanie jumps

I like to keep my dolls looking cute whenever possible, so I love finding unique, original Etsy shops that sell clothing for them. My recent fave is Janie Jumps, which is a shop full of the most adorable shorts and dresses, as well as tops, for eighteen-inch dolls! The owner just updated her listings this past week with new summer items, and my favorites are shown above. {The shorts, bottom left, sold out after I made the collage. sorry!} Anyhoo, I just love her use of whimsical patterns, and I kind of wish that these were human-sized too.

to and from’s spring 2013 issue

I am a big fan of To & From’s gift guides, and I had no idea that they released a spring issue! With over one-hundred pages, the online magazine is full of gift ideas for graduation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and birthdays. It’s pretty awesome, and the layout is amazing. I think that the bunch of bloggers this round was a good one, and I really enjoyed flipping through. A long mental wish list was made as I read through myself :)

More online May fun can be found here at the Emma magazine website. Such a good issue, yes?

good luck charlie!

Good old Disney shows! I usually don’t care for much of the programs anymore, but I really like watching Good Luck Charlie. I mean, look at how much they have all grown! The premiere was so cute, and I loved that the Muppets “guest-starred.” Although this is the last season, I’m sure it will go out with a bang!

Have a lovely start to your weekend!



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