Pretty Digital Wallpaper Round-Up


As a conclusion to Tech Week, I felt it only made sense to pick out a few of my favorite desktop wallpaper to make your technology look pretty! :) Which ones are your favorites?

Desktops1 • Stop the Glorification of Busy at A Pair of Pears

2 • Just Breathe at Breanna Rose

3 • A Heart of Gold at Lucy Olive

4 • “Design is where science and art break even,” at Design Milk

5 • Confetti Wallpaper at Fellow Fellow

6 • Wonderful at DesignLoveFest

7 • Hello at Breanna Rose

8 • She Leaves a Little Sparkle Wherever She Goes at Toodles Noodles

9 • Striped Wallpaper at Eat Drink Chic

My favorites are numbers six and seven. I love the fonts used!

Tech Week Logo

Anyhoo, this was the last post of Tech Week! It was a lot of fun talking about my favorite aspects of technology, and I hope to do another one in the future.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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