loving >> week 72


I’m taking a break from the Tech Week activities today and posting a standard Love List instead.

I’m loving…

bloom general announcement siteless

melody valerie’s spring collection!

Eek! Tomorrow Melody Valerie Couture is releasing their spring line for this year, and I’m very excited to see what they come up with! Known for their high-quality dresses and designs for 18-inch dolls, I am always amazed at how beautiful their outfits come out. This line is called “Bloom,” so I’m expecting lots of pastels and florals, but we will have to wait and see!

thinking with type

I got this book a few weeks ago, and I will now happily recommend it to anyone with interest in design or type. Although a tad advanced for a beginner, Ellen Lupton writes with such clarity and expertise that you will be a design novice in no time. I really like seeing all of the examples shown inside. There was a huge range! I’ve already started looking into more graphic design books as well.


these blogging tips

I found this lovely list of links a few weeks ago, and I am slowly working my way through it. It is totally worth bookmarking, however, because all of these tips and tricks cover everything! From advertising to post planning, I have learned so much already. Budding bloggers and experts alike will benefit :)



Family friends of ours recently got baby chicks, and they are so darn CUTE! I didn’t know what to expect before seeing them, but in person, the chicks were really active and all of them were running around the floor. The different types were interesting to learn about too; depending on the kind of chick, the feathers could range from simplistic to really cool designs. Anyhoo, seeing the adorable chicks in person reminded me of Sheena’s photo shoot with her own baby chicks, shown above.

Long story short? I really like baby chicks :)

{via. I’m loving her work. The florals make me so happy for spring! :)}

spring break

This week seemed to drag on forever! Thankfully, though, I made it, and I now have a week full of nice weather and fun activities. {Speaking of which, has anyone else broken out their spring dresses?!} April break also marks the countdown to the end of the school year. Hehe.

Have a wonderful night!



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