My Favorite Apps


For today’s Tech Week post, I’m discussing my favorite apps. I was so lucky to receive a mini iPad for Christmas {so fun, by the way!}, and ever since, I have had so much fun discovering new apps. Do you have any favorites?

do! spring

I’m a huge list maker, so this app was right up my alley :) Although the regular app should serve you just fine, I really enjoy the bright backgrounds and colors used in the spring edition. Plus the little tabs used to mark all the items on your list are so fun! Thankfully, unlike other productivity apps, this one isn’t too overwhelming.

my script calculator

This is one that is a bit weird to like, but it comes in handy for my algebra homework and assignments. With the calculator, you can easily write in the numerals and symbols needed to complete the operation and then it will compute for you. I really like this one because you can see all your work still, unlike on a normal calculator, where your previous step disappears.

hello, cupcake!

It’s not like I’m going to bake any of these stunning creations any time soon, but I just love the little animated videos with each recipe! The videos go step-by-step with each instruction, and it will be so hopeful when it comes to decorating with the littlest details.

haiku deck

This one is a recent favorite of mine. My dad introduced it to me, and it’s quite enjoyable so far! A bit like PowerPoint, Haiku Deck takes a more simplistic approach to presentations. I love the feature of searching for any image, and it’s fun to create ones from time to time.

paper by fifty-three

Ooh, this app is stunning when used to its full potential. With different “tools” at your service, you can use this app for just about anything! I haven’t quite mastered it just yet, but the examples I have seen are pretty amazing.

One app I really want to try out? iFont Maker! I would love to create fonts of my own :)

Have a terrific Thursday!

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This was a part of Tech Week, a week-long event here at Ciao Bella! Be sure to check back for more technology related fun!

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