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For this month’s Style Snapshot, keeping with the Tech Week theme, I picked six of my favorite style bloggers to showcase. Each have a distinctive taste, but when it comes down to it, they are all so chic and write really fun posts! :) Do you follow any really good style blogs?

Slide11 » Rumi at Fashiontoast » I love Rumi at Fashiontoast for her simplistic taste both in style and design. Her looks are so effortless, but have a big impact.

2 » Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere » One of my first style blogging loves was Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere. Her lovely crafts and recipes aside, I seriously envy all of her outfits! {plus, she has a book, for anyone who wants even more tips! :)}

3 » Jane at Sea of Shoes » First off, can I just say how much I love Jane’s amazing red, curly hair?! Anyhoo, Jane always looks amazing, and her outfits aren’t too over-the-top, so this is a good blog to start with if you’re just venturing into the fashion world.

4 » Justina at A Bent Piece of Wire » I got hooked with A Bent Piece of Wire even since I read about Justina in Teen Vogue. I think that she looks good in just about anything, which is pretty hard to do!

5 » Tavi at The Style Rookie » Tavi literally changed the world of fashion, all as a teenager. She is so inspiring, and although she has thousands of fans, Tavi can also feel like your very best friend.

6 » Kate at The Small Things Blog » Finally, Kate isn’t necessarily at “style blogger,” because she focuses more on beauty, but what is a good outfit without the perfect hair and makeup? Her tutorials are quick and easy to follow.

Have a lovely night!

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This was a part of Tech Week, a week-long event here at Ciao Bella! Be sure to check back for more technology related fun!

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