loving >> week 66


I’m loving…

kate spade saturday

Yellow is such a happy color, and I just love that it is part of the logo for Kate Spade’s new line, Kate Spade Saturday! Released tomorrow, I believe, Kate Spade Saturday is a cheaper {because the real deal is pricey!} but still stylish collection of clothing, bags, and other accessories. I’m really looking forward to what products are coming out, especially because I am most definitely  ready for a spring wardrobe refresh :) Anything you want in particular?

designlovefest’s dream job makeup series

DesignLoveFest has been a favorite blog of mine for a while, but I’ve recently been enjoying Bri’s fun new series in a partnership with Benefit Cosmetics. She’s been modeling in an entire shoot based around her dream jobs. Including all aspects, {hair, makeup, and clothing} two jobs have already been covered – Jazz Singer and Detective. Like Bri said, every women should have a silk robe and wear red lipstick, and I LOVE the fun photo where she is stepping out of the smoke in the detective shoot. If you’re interested, you should check back next week to see the other two jobs!

AEO Headband Set

american eagle’s headband set

Headbands have slowly become my go-to for my mornings, when I have just enough time to straighten my hair and get changed. Anyhoo, although I have strongly disliked elastic headbands in the past, American Eagle’s fun patterned headbands have made me a fan. They work with both a simple ponytail and a messy bun, and I love the color combination. Neutrals  go with everything, my friends, but the leopard print is a refreshing change as well! I love wearing it with a lacy top and a navy cardigan. I’ve got the polished look down :)

If the Shoe Fits (Whatever After Series #2)

if the shoe fits, book two in the whatever after series

Remember that cute first book in a new series I reviewed way back in the summer? Sarah Mlynowski did it again in the second book, which was oh-so CUTE! :) This time, Abby helped out Cinderella, and there were a few surprising results in the end. A pretty quick read, this was adorable, and I think that fairytale fans will enjoy it! I especially like “crownies,” a mixture of cake and brownies. Because it was such a short book, I won’t be doing a full review, but I totally recommend it!

I’m a few days late from the official start, but close enough~! ;D I like spring, but not the pollen (and allergies) it brings.



I know it isn’t technically spring yet, but March 1st counts in my book! I have gotten a case of the winter blues, and I am so happy that the time for warmer weather, brighter clothing, and a cheery vibe is almost here. March has always been one of my least favorite months of the year, but I think I’m warming up to it! Seriously, how can you go wrong with longer, sunnier days? And on that thought, how is it that we’ve already reached March?! I feel like I was just waiting for The Hunger Games to come out in theaters…

Have a terrific Friday!

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