loving >> week 65


Vacation has been treating me well, but, sadly, it’s almost over. Have a lovely start to you weekend, and here’s what I’ve been loving this week…

Desktop1lauren conrad style and lauren conrad beauty

I love looking through style magazines and blogs for inspiration, but lately, Lauren Conrad’s style and beauty books have been my new go-to! Although not anything extremely “new,” she covers the basics of anybody’s wardrobe and the best tools for everyday makeup. I really like the step-by-step tutorials for hairstyles and makeup looks {I’m a visual girl!} and how everything is quick and easy to do! My weekend will be spent trying out a few of the ideas.

Leg Extension Unit

skinny pop popcorn

Health and I go hand in hand, so I always love finding good-for-you snacks! Popcorn is such a tasty alternative to my usual granola bar or yogurt after school. I love that this brand of popcorn because it is a low carb/calorie snack, which is perfect for my Type One Diabetic self :) It will be perfect for a healthy movie night treat, as well!

Oscars 2013 Poster

{this amazing poster was done by olly moss. can you find the reference to each best picture?}

the oscars!

I do love a good award show :) The Oscars are a classic Hollywood event, and I’m excited to see who will win out of the movies nominated! Some of my favorites {Les Mis, anyone?} are up for plenty of awards, and other movies are only in specific areas. The Paperman, which was an animated short in the beginning of Wreck-It Ralph, is another one I’m rooting for. What movies are you hoping to win?

american girl‘s march/april 2013 issue

American Girl’s annual animal issue was a good one, and the cheeriness of the cover made me smile when it came in the mail! Here are my favorite articles…

  • petite pets 2: the sea-quel Ahh! These were so cute! :) Basically, all you need it different colors of clay to make these adorable sea creatures, but the end result is so fun. My sister and I bought some clay last night, and we are in love with the final product! {you can check them out here}
  • animal snackers I really want to make homemade animal crackers. The Birdseed bars and Monkey Bread Muffins look mighty good too.
  • take great pet pics I don’t own any pets, but they had some really good tips on how to take great photos! I will keep them in mind this spring when I take photos outside.

bouchon bakery

Finally, I have been swooning over the gorgeous and big {and I mean BIG} Bouchon Bakery cookbook that came in at my local library earlier this week. The precision and eye for detail that goes into their baked goods is extraordinary, and I can’t wait to try out a few of their recipes. Next time I go to New York, a trip to the Bouchon Bakery will be on my list! :)



One thought on “loving >> week 65

  1. Hi Bella! I have been to Bouchon Bakery 3 times in my life… twice in Napa Valley, California, and once in New York City. I fell in love with their pastries! They use lots of dark chocolate (my favorite) and the pastries aren’t too sweet. It’s one of the bakeries I would drive a long way out of the way to visit and dream of the next time I can have a chocolate croissant or bouchon from there. I have to say, for someone still so young you have a very refined palate! Get to baking!


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