Thoughts on the AG Release


A few days ago, American Girl released their summer line, which was full of bright patterns and cute accessories. I have to say, overall, these were some really good outfits and play sets! :) My favorite products of the bunch are below. What did you like best of the summer release?

Plaid Party Dress

Isn’t that dress adorable?! I love all of the little detailing, like the rick-rack trim, the buttoned bottom, and the ruffles at the collar. Recently, I feel that AG has been paying much more attention to the current trends, and this outfit is no exception.

Cycling Outfit

I love when American Girl does realistic sports outfits, like this cycling one. My favorite part would have to be the jacket! The color combo was unexpected, especially when compared with the amount of pink at AG, but I think this was a winner!

Easy Breezy Outfit

Again, this is another similar to something you would see at Justice or Gap. I really like the use of emerald {color of 2013, you know!} and the top would be good with a wide array of bottoms. I bet this would look really good on my dolls Hannah and Ruthie :)

Caroline’s Work Dress

Although none of my dolls need this cute dress, it caught my eye because of the springy combination of pink and green! The dress itself is adorable, with its ruffled top and patterned bottom. The boots and the bonnet are nice touches.

Fresh-Picked Sundress

This is so cute! It’s been a long time since I have LOVED something for my Bitty Twin, Lucy, but this fruity-themed sundress is pretty perfect. Yellow, pink, and that turquoise-y blue work well together, and the fruit pattern on the dress reminds me of outfits at children’s stores like Gymboree. Good job, AG!

Lemonade Stand Set

Cuteness overload, yes? What I like about this is that the price is reasonable enough for such a good accessory set. The snazzy piggy bank seals the deal for me! :)

Molly’s Bed and Bedding

I definitely do not need another doll bed to add to my collection, but Molly’s Limited Edition Bed was too fun not to add to the list. Along with a new pair of pajama’s, Molly received a cheery yellow bed to her collection, which replaced her old and rather bland red bed. Now the only thing I’m worried about is that she might be the next to retire…

Doll Boutique

Finally, I can’t wait to get the latest book in the Doll… series, Doll Boutique! My sister and I own almost every one of these, and they never fail to spark creativity. Town, with a clothing store, of course, is constantly set up in our house, so this set is a must for us.

To see the rest of the new releases, such as Molly’s Pajama’s, Caroline’s calf, and new outfits for the Bitty Babies, click here.

Have a delightful rest of your day!


Psst. All images are from American Girl. Because I don’t own any of these things. Yet :)


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