my top ten favorite romances


I decided to do another Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, today! And this week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, it is your Top Ten Favorite Romances. You could interpret this any way you want, so I went with my favorite couples in books :) It was hard, though, I’ll admit, so I only came up with eight. Who makes your list?

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour

amy and roger in amy and roger’s epic detour

These two are so very cute together! This book marks my favorite books of all-time, in part because of the well-developed relationship between Amy and Roger.

Pride and Prejudice (Penguin Classics)

elizabeth bennet and mr. darcy in pride and prejudice

SWOON. Seriously, though, need I say any more?

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

hadley and oliver in the statistical probability of love at first sight

This book moved so quickly, and there was no huge romantic relationship, but that’s kind of why I love it so much. Hadley and Oliver are adorable together. I also think Oliver is pretty close to perfect, wouldn’t you agree? :)

Sean Griswold's Head

payton and sean in sean griswold’s head

Ooh, this was another really good pairing. Although not an obvious choice, Sean Griswold’s Head was a cute love story, and definitely makes a fantastic read for Valentine’s Day.

Jane Eyre (Penguin Drop Caps)

jane and mr. rochester in jane eyre

Again, like Pride and Prejudice, no one else can compare to Jane and Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre. I mean, have you even read about these two? Instant love story.

If I Stay

mia and adam in if i stay

Gayle Forman always seems to make my lists, but Mia and Adam are the best, so I couldn’t leave them off! Their chemistry is clearly evident, and I’m excited to see how Gayle Forman works her magic in her new romance, Just One Day.

The Mother-Daughter Book Club

jess and darcy in the mother-daughter book club

I love, love, love Jess and Darcy. They are really made for each other :)

The Fault in Our Stars

hazel and augustus in the fault in our stars

Finally, even though I just finished this up over the weekend, I think Hazel and Augustus deserve a spot on this list. John Green wrote an outstanding love story.

Have a delightful day, everyone!
Bella :)

11 thoughts on “my top ten favorite romances

  1. Nobody else I know has ever read the Mother Daughter Book Club books! And I love their relationship! So cute! I would also have to agree with P&P, Jane Eyre, and the Fault in Our Stars–haven’t read the others yet, but maybe I will!


  2. I absolutely loved The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, Hadley and Oliver were so cute together! :) I’m looking forward to the author’s next book: This is What Happy Looks Like!

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland


  3. The first of my top ten is Violet Baudeliare and Quigley Quagmire (I know the author gave him a weird name) from The Slippery Slope it’s #1 because the author either hides or only implies their romance.


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