loving >> week 61


I’m loving…

pioneers of television

I adore Pioneers of Television so much! My family and I blew through the first two seasons a while back, but I haven’t really thought about it since. However, when the news that the third season was going to start this past Tuesday, I jumped up with glee! :) The first episode was on “funny ladies” like Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett. Such an interesting topic to explore! I’m looking forward to the next episode coming up on prime time shows. Interested? Check your local station to see when you can watch it too!

breanna rose’s blog

Oh me word, everybody, have you seen this lovely girl’s website?! I am in LOVE. A freelance designer, she writes about all sorts on her blog, including typefaces, lifestyle choices, and good design. For a design lover like me, it makes for a really good read! :) I have been following her currently series as well. I would definitely suggest checking her out!

Alfred Jazz for Young People Curriculum Complete Kit 

jazz for young people

My mom and dad are going to a jazz concert on Sunday, but my mom needed a little refresher on jazz :) Anyhoo, my dad got this pack of CD’s for her to listen to and learn about jazz! They’ve been playing all week in our kitchen, so my whole family has been learning right along her. It’s actually been kind of fun! I won’t lie either. It’s very soothing to hear Wynton Marsalis’ voice. I believe this is out of print, so I would recommend checking your local library to see if they have it!

Make a scarf1

this scarf tutorial for your doll

It has been SO cold here lately, reaching in the negatives at night! I am not a cold weather girl by any means, so it has been bit of a struggle trying to stay warm. Me aside, my dolls are in their winter gear as well, but what puffy coat and boots ensemble is complete without a scarf? Liz at American Girl Fan always comes up with such creative tutorials, and this latest one is no different. I think with some fun multi-colored fleece or felt, it could become a great snow day or weekend craft.

the first lady’s and daughters’ sense of style

Not trying to get into any politics here, but I just wanted to mention that I am digging Sasha, Malia, and Michelle’s dresses and coats! It’s always reassuring to me when they know how to look perfectly put together :)

Have a lovely start to your weekend!


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