Cordially Uninvited: A Book Review


Cordially Uninvited

Cordially Uninvited by Jennifer Roy

Summary: Every girl wishes she was a princess—and Claire’s cousin is living the dream! But will this royal romance end in disaster? Eleven-year-old Claire Gross is fascinated by all things royal—especially because her very own cousin Belle is engaged to the Prince of England! Even though Claire is going to be a junior bridesmaid, she’s not as excited about the wedding as you might think. For one thing, she can’t tell anyone—not even her best friend. And for another, Claire’s parents are divorced, so she’s not so sure that “happily ever after” even exists. But when Claire gets to England and meets mean-girl Pandora—also a junior bridesmaid—she quickly realizes that whether or not she believes in true love, if she doesn’t take action, Pandora could break up Belle’s relationship! It may be the royal party of the century—but between the mishaps, the mayhem, and an awful social-climbing princess-wannabe, will there still be wedding bells for the happy couple?

{kindly taken from Amazon}

My Thoughts: I’ve always known Jennifer Roy and Julia DeVillers for their awesome tween series involving twins Payton and Emma, so I was excited to try out Roy’s book that came out this past spring. I loved the plot idea, but, unfortunately, it fell a bit flat for me, but I think that other girls will fall head over heels for it!

Claire has a pretty cool family – her cousin, Belle, is getting married to the Prince of England! As her cousin, Claire has been invited to the Royal Wedding with her mom. I loved this idea! {I bet you can all guess that, yes, I watched the Royal Wedding with Will and Kate :)} With such a great premise, I was expecting there to be only one main storyline, but it kind of went all over the place. We were worried about Pandora, the classic mean girl, one minute, then Claire was hinting at a secret, and then there was a whole love storyline?! Usually, this can be pulled off, but the stories jumbled together and ended up being too distracting to what was most important – the actual wedding!

Another flaw I found was the lack of character development. Claire had no growth from beginning to end, and the secondary characters were a bit “on and off.” Anyhoo, for reluctant readers, this is probably a good choice, but for more advanced readers, they’ll be quick to notice the areas where improvement is needed.

Pros: Fun plot idea.

Cons: Not the best character and story development.

Heads Up: Nothing!

Overall: I give this 2 stars {**} and I recommend it for ages 9 and up.

Have a happy Thursday! :)


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