loving >> week 58


One week of 2013 down, only 51 left! :) Isn’t it crazy how much time flies?! This week, I’m loving…

downton abbey

Eek! Guys, I am bursting with excitement because the premiere of Downton is only a couple of days away! My sister, dad and I blew through the first two seasons, and I have literally been counting down the days until it was going to be on again. I can finally watch all that silly British drama between Mary and Matthew :) Anyhoo, Downton Abbey premieres this Sunday at 9/8c pm on PBS. Will anyone else be watching?

american girl magazine’s january/february 2013 issue

January magazines are usually big on organization and February is all about Valentine’s Day, but for American Girl, it is a big month because they are celebrating their 20th birthday! Of course, that meant lots of birthday related articles. Here are the ones I enjoyed the most…

  • yay, ag magazine! I love this roundup of statistics of how much AG magazine has changed. It has come a LONG way since it started in 1993, so comparing what was popular then and what is popular now was fun. Then, we learn that AG has another feature up their sleeves about a special best-of issue. Those mysterious magazine people…
  • pick your own party I do enjoy a fine themed birthday party, but why should everything be decided for you? This fun article had ideas in all categories, like food and decorations, but gave you several options for you to choose from. It’s kind of a mix and match party!
  • voicing a dream This was a really good short story with a good message, everybody. The main character, Autumn, was so fun to read about!

the just dance games 

My sister got Just Dance 3 and 4 for Christmas, and they are SO much fun! Dancing to popular songs, you are then graded on your performance and awarded with points, stars, and gifts. I really like dancing to “Speak No Americano,” “Call Me Maybe” and “Mr. Saxobeat,” although they can all be very fun and entertaining, depending on who’s dancing! :) This is all a good form of exercise in the winter, and is a good alternative for when you are bored with exercise games. {like moi.}


the free saige shirt

Earlier in the week, I talked a lot about the new American Girl releases, but the good part about gluing to see the items in person is that you get free stuff! :) They were giving out these adorable shirts on Tuesday, and if what I’ve heard is true, they have been giving them out all week. Right now my doll Ruthie is wearing it, and in my {biased} opinion, she looks mighty cute in it! She is currently wearing it with her new jeggings and sandals, which isn’t very appropriate for the snowy weather we have been having…



Hehe. I am a big fan of a proper snowfall. No sprinkles please, nor a large blizzard. I just need enough to cover the ground fully and so that a snowman can be made. I’m sure you all agree that snow makes excellent photo material. And, for my warm weather readers, you can make your own virtual snowflake here.

Have a lovely kickoff to your weekend!

Psst. Quick question for you all: Are any of you participating in the Project Life 365? I would just like to get your opinion, and it is always nice to know that a fellow blogger is doing it too. I’ll be a few days late, but there’s always time to catch up! :)


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