Saige & Other AG Stuff


Yesterday the 2013 Girl of the Year was released! Her name is Saige Copeland, and her story revolves around art, horses, and hot air balloons. I’ve shared my thoughts about her and the rest of the new releases below. What do you think of the new American Girl items?

I kind of do like Saige! Her hair is a gorgeous auburn, and I really like her bright blue eyes. Although the meet outfit is a bit more “middle school” for me, I think that she looks good in it. In my opinion, she is a cross between Nicki and Felicity, both of which are retired, so the age group now can welcome her into their doll families without remembering the past dolls! :)

saige’s sweater outfit
I love this outfit! I actually bought this one when I went to the release yesterday. It looks really good on Ruthie, and the colors of the sweater are flattering for most dolls. The lacy tank is modern and on trend, as are the long awaited jeggings!

saige’s parade outfit
This isn’t my favorite. As separates, I bet the pieces look good, but together, I don’t think they all match. I am happy that they came out with another pair of basic pants, though!

saige’s sparkle dress
This is the pink, glittery dress that appeals to all little girls :) My sister got it yesterday, and it’s much cuter in person. I love the gold boots, and the design of the dress isn’t that bad, it’s just verysparkly and screams “girly girl” to me.

saige’s hot air balloon
This is HUGE! I love that they went out of their comfort zone, however, and the accessories that come with it are pretty darn cute, but the size was off-putting. Seriously, where would you store it?!

saige’s pajamas
This is too cute! The shirt and shorts totally go together, and I love the color combo. My dolls don’t need more pajamas right now, but if I did, these would be at the top of my list!

love pet pajamas

My favorite part of this would have to be the adorable leggings! I don’t think it is the most original pajama set they have come up with, but it is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

cozy lounge chair
I’m in love, just not for $48 at the moment :) It is really lovely in person; I just need to to go on sale.

fun and games table
The table and accessories in this set are perfect and great for playing! The checker set is adorable right down to the tiny instructions! The only thing I am wary about is the nachos…

AG also released a softball outfit, an art set for Saige, Saige’s horse, and outfits for the Bitty Twins and Bitty Baby. Find everything at the American Girl website here.

Have a lovely night!


2 thoughts on “Saige & Other AG Stuff

  1. My first thought was that she was a mix of Nikki and Felicity too! :) I love her hot air balloon! I’m not going to buy any more AG dolls, but I still adore the ones I have from when I was younger and I love to look at all their new products. I have 2 Girls of the Year, Jess and Mia, as well as Julie and Ruthie! :)

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland


    • How fun! While I don’t buy their things as much as I used to, I still like looking at the new products too! :) I also have Julie and Ruthie, and I adore Mia and Jess!


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