wishing for…


Happy December, everybody! It’s officially holiday season :) Are you as excited as I am?! I can’t think of anything better to welcome December than a sprinkle of snow, which I woke up to this morning.

To celebrate the holidays, I made a little list of things that I want the most come Christmas. Of course, this is just for fun, and I don’t expect to get everything! What are you hoping to receive this year?

ellie goulding’s halcyon

I love Ellie Goulding’s music, so it makes perfect sense that I would want her newest album!

Suede Jazz Boots

these extremely cute boots

I have been dying to get these ever since they came out in the summer! They are the perfect neutral to go with my winter and spring wardrobe.

this baking set for dolls

Again, this is another item I have been wanting since it came out. Look at all those doll-sized baking goodies! :)

this wristlet

Little wristlets or bags are really good when it comes to holding my phone, money, and diabetes stuff. This sparkly gem is cute and just the right size!

Time Between Us

time between us

If you read my review {see it here}, you would understand just how much I loved this book. It’s definitely a book worth adding to my collection!

AEO Hair Ties Set

these hair ties

Aren’t these little hair ties cute? I’m starting gym for the rest of the year {I had health for the first trimester}, and I think these would be great for throwing into my gym bag for when a need for a ponytail strikes.

Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask

professor layton and the miracle mask

The only time I pull out my DS is when there is a Professor Layton game to play :) This one came out pretty recently, and I’m so excited to play it!

Printed Dress

One of the things I struggle with, in terms of clothing anyway, is the transition from season to season. This dress would be great with tights and a sweater in February, yet it would also look just as cute in April when it’s a bit warmer.

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

the smitten kitchen cookbook

I seriously idolize Deb Perelman. She’s one of the reasons I have come to love baking so much! So, when the opportunity for hundreds of new recipes to try arrived, I was all for it.

these headbands

These will make my buns look even better than ever!

Have a lovely start to your December!

Bella :)

Psst. Today’s featured holiday blogger is the Spicy’s! They are doing a festive feature called “The 12 Days of Christmas,” where they post a holiday craft/story/recipe each day until December 12th. Check it out here!

Psst again. I feel as if the formatting of this post is a bit off, so I apologize for any wonky spacing or picture/test issues!


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