loving >> week 49


Happy November, everybody! I would have loved to get this up yesterday, but my show sucked up most of my night. Better late than never! :)

I’m loving…

wreck it ralph

I lurve Pixar movies. I will watch any one with no complaint, so I have been pretty darn excited for Wreck It Ralph! The movie looks so fun and entertaining, and I’m sure it will be another winner. For those who have not known about this months in advance, I will give you a quick rundown :) The main character is Ralph, the “evil” guy in a popular {and fictitious} arcade game. There’s only one problem – Ralph doesn’t want to be bad anymore. {aww!} Anyhoo, with a solid cast and promising storyline, this should do well! Although this came out yesterday, I’m catching it on Turkey Day with my family.

Winter 2012: English Rose

Winter 2012: Dogwood

vera bradley’s winter 2012/2013 line

Vera Bradley bags and accessories are one of my MANY loves, and I get so giddy whenever they come out with a new line. Yesterday was the release of the Winter 2012/2013 line, and I adore almost everything! The first pattern, English Rose, is a fun twist on the classic winter colors, and I think the pinks and greens will help it transition to spring easily. The second new pattern, Dogwood, is equally cute, but in a totally different way. I love the mix of yellow, olive, black, and the teeny amount of peach. Off to work on my wishlist! :)

american girl’s november/december 2012 issue

September to December are the best months for magazines, and the latest issue of American Girl lives up to that statement. Here are the articles I enjoyed the most…

  • pie pops Hehe :) How fun! I would love to make these sometime this month, and make them with pumpkin pie filling in the middle.
  • insta-gifts With the holidays coming, that means gift making and giving comes as well. These ideas are really good, and they will help me decide what to get for my family.
  • sitting pretty The Doll Fun section was a good one this month, with ideas on how to set up a table worthy for you doll’s holiday feast. I love the little napkins and holders!

this november calendar

I was so, so, so happy to hear that Fernweh magazine was making their monthly calendars again! After a several month hiatus, Hannah created this special NaNoWriMo calendar just for November. Although I am not participating {did not plan for that at all!} I think I should try it next year. If you are doing it this year or have done it in the past, what did you think of it? And, if you are doing it this year, use this calendar to keep on track.

Ann Margret in Bye Bye Birdie

bye bye birdie!

Eek! :) My school’s production of Bye Bye Birdie premiered last night, and it went wonderfully! After two months of rehearsals, we now only have two shows left – one tonight and one tomorrow afternoon. I am kind of sad that it has ended, but I will admit it will be nice to have my afternoons and weekends free again. Let’s talk favorite songs now! If you have seen Bye Bye Birdie, what musical number do you like the most? My faves are One Last Kiss and Spanish Rose.

Have a lovely night!
Bella :)


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