Costume Party!


Today, I’m sharing a little Halloween photo story for you all. Ruthie hosted a Halloween party over the weekend, and she had such a fun time!

Ruthie was so excited! She had set up the decorations, displayed the cookies and other goodies, and was now anxiously awaiting the arrival of her friends. She smoothed out a wrinkle in her pretty green gown, the most important part of her princess costume.

Ruthie had spent all afternoon making treats and decorating her basement. Laid out on the buffet table were food and drinks for the guests to enjoy. There were orange slices, popcorn, a bowl of candy, and tasty sugar cookies! Ruthie even printed out sheets so that they could play Halloween Bingo.

There was a sudden noise, and Ruthie saw her friend Zoey coming down the basement steps! This year, Zoey went as a hippie, complete with flare jeans!

Soon after, Julie came as well. She went as a pirate, and was grateful that her older sister offered to fishtail her hair.

Isabella came next, dressed as a ballerina. She was really cold! :)

Nicki walked in next. She spent a lot of time making sure her black cat costume was just right.

Finally, Hannah came. Her costume was very creative, and it took some effort to think of it! It was worth it though, because everyone loved her candy corn costume :)

She even won a lollipop for Best Costume!

Afterwards, they all played a few rounds of bingo. Nicki could get a little competitive, but it was all in good fun!

Happy Halloween!

a few more Halloween links for you all…

Have a lovely night!

Bella :)


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