loving >> week 47


Sorry for disappearing off this week! Life took over, but I prepared a Love List for you all to enjoy. You can also say hi to me over at Youth Literature Book Reviews, where I guest posted today!

Moving on, I’m loving…

taylor swift’s new album

I think we all love Taylor Swift, even if it is in the tiniest way possible :) I have been waiting and waiting for the release of Red {digging the album cover, by the way} and it is only a mere 3 days away! I can never seem to get “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” out of my head, and her other singles have been a hit, so I can just imagine that Red will do amazingly well! Buy it right along with me when it comes out this Monday, October 22.

teen vogue’s november 2012 issue

I find that November can be a bit of a drag when it comes to magazines. Sorry to disappoint all those who are fans, but Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday {we should really just skip to Christmas, right?!} and there’s nothing too exciting going on. Nevertheless, Teen Vogue‘s November issue wasn’t that bad! Here’s what I liked the most…

  • here comes the sun I am a total Broadway junkie :) Seriously. So, anyhoo, Annie is returning to Broadway, and the sweetest girl, Lilla Crawford, is taking over the role. I’m sure she will do AHmazing!
  • brand me While I’m not a fashion blogger, this article was still helpful! It gave tips on how to get your blog known, which, with all the social media these days, isn’t easy.
  • trading places I’ve always wanted to switch places with someone for a day, so the next best thing is to read about it! :) Jane Keltner de Valle switched places with Bryanboy, and I really enjoyed looking at each person’s day.
  • cold play I hate the cold. Looking cute while staying warm, however? That I don’t mind.


I love, love, love BBC’s Sherlock, so I thought I might as well try the other Sherlock show, Elementary. And, while I went into with the opinion that nothing could compare with Sherlock, it did surprisingly well! Jonny Lee Miller plays a great detective, and I look forward to seeing how his character develops as the season goes on. I love that Watson is a girl in this version, and I think that Lucy Liu was the right choice. Right now, my dad and I are only on Episode One, but we hope to catch up in time so that we can watch next week on Thursday. This will tide me over until my other Sherlock friend is back on :)


you are my fave

Everyone should really visit the lovely blog, You Are My Fave. There’s darling post titles, totally awesome DIY projects, and just bits and pieces to make you smile :) What’s not to love? One post that caught my eye was this Mini Bags tutorial. They look stunning, yet are totally doable. I can’t wait to try the lace one out this month. The letter ones could work great for a pick-me up for a close friend or a good luck present before a big game or show. Finally, the stamped and stitched one is perfect for little gifts. Clearly, you can tell why this blog is one of my faves. {see what I did there?! hehe.}

homemade halloween @ oh happy day

Halloween is getting closer and closer, and I have seen so many cute costume and projects floating around lately! I’m not in need of a costume {Minnie Mouse ears? check!} but if had a little girl or boy, I would dress them in these adorable costume ideas from Oh Happy Day! She has been posting them steadily this month, but the past two have been my favorites {airplane and Eiffel tower} Make sure to check back next week for a spooky themed Love List! :)

Have a lovely day everyone!
Bella :)


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