loving >> week 43


Long time, no see friends! I had the greatest intentions to blog this week, but life kind of took over. You all understand… I’m sure that by the end of September I will have my school routine down :)

Anyhoo, I’m loving…

the perks of being a wallflower

I can.not.wait to see this! Starring Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, and Ezra Miller, it tells the story of an introvert freshman who is taken under the wings of two seniors. The cast is amazing {Emma is a favorite of mine, and Logan was fantastic in Percy Jackson. Did I mention that Nina Dobrev is starring in it too!?} so there’s no doubt this will  be a hit in theaters. It’s based after the bestselling novel by Stephen Chbosky, which I hope to tackle in the next year or so. You know, after I finish reading the books on my humongous TBR list :) Sigh.

Victoria Justice for Teen Vogue October 2012

teen vogue’s october 2012 issue

There’s just something about October issues that make my heart sing. It could be that Halloween is just around the corner, providing a bunch of opportunities for projects, or maybe its the cooler weather with all of its fall trends. Whatever it is, Teen Vogue‘s October issue did not disappoint.

The articles I enjoyed most were…

cirque du chic I have this strange admiration for young stars. I just love reading about teens who are not only s=acting, but have in interest in fashion as well. This article introduced me to new and upcoming stars who are sure to be household names sooner or later, while also catching me up on some old favorites {Zendaya and Willow Shields, anyone?}

culture blogger: cartoon network I will admit that I’m not always a fan of the Culture Blogger articles, but this one was a refreshing change. It showcased the incredibly cool female cartoon characters that girl could and should look up to.

california girl Lauren Conrad is one of my many idols when it comes to hair and makeup. In this article, she wrote “My eyebrows were overplucked, and my hair was overstraightened. I was a complete disaster,” which I think is something many girls can take away from. I straighten my hair almost every day {reeeallly bad habit, I know!} but from this, I think I can step away and try something new.

stress test So, so needed, not just for me, but for teens everywhere. I have been so stressed between rehearsal, sports, and homework, and with teachers piling on three to five hours of homework a night, things, like blogging, don’t happen :( Now I know that I’m not the only one feeling this way, and I realize that things could be much worse in terms of pressure about school and extracurriculars.

the emmy’s

I think it has been established that I enjoy way too much TV. So, there’s now wonder why I adore the Emmy’s, right?! I’m obviously rooting for the amazing cast of Downton Abbey, but there’s so many talented actors/actresses nominated, that I don;t really care who wins. Catch them on ABC, Sunday, at 7e|4p. {which, by the way, I have no idea what that means.}

Free Printable 2012 Calendar

these free printable monthly calendars

Ah, yes. My best friends this past week as I plan out October in terms of blog posts. I adore the chevron {um, yeah, still going strong, that trend.} and the colors chosen make me all happy :) It even lets you edit the text! Yes. I die.



The first day of autumn is tomorrow and I’m so so excited for my favorite season to start! Moccasin season, here I come! :)

Have a lovely start to your weekend! I have a soccer game tomorrow morning and a 4-hour rehearsal tomorrow afternoon, but I will try to pop in in the evening!

B :)


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