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I’m loving…

seventeen’s october 2012 issue

Guys, I went into a grocery store last Saturday to buy the magazine, and it wasn’t THERE. It made me very sad. Let’s fast forward to Tuesday. I went grocery shopping with my mom, and I was able to buy it! Fun story, no?

Here’s what I enjoyed most in the October issue of Seventeen…

  • top ten fall style picks! This was Seventeen’s first time doing Reader’s Choice Fashion Awards, and it included categories of all kinds, such as Trend You Cannot Get Enough Of and Celeb with Crush-worthy Style. I agree with most of the winners, and it made my day knowing that I already own some of the pieces shown :)
  • amazing hair every day I so so so needed this. I will be using this constantly as the school year goes on!
  • make your season count This was a several page article on how to have the best season in fall sports. It included tips from pro athletes, {which I appreciated} good food for energy, and a cool-down workout. Perfect for my soccer practices and games!
  • pretty amazing My. Gosh. Everything these girls have done are outstanding. Each year, Seventeen host a “Pretty Amazing” contest, with girls that have accomplished things that are considered, well, you know, amazing. They finally narrowed it down to the winner – Lindsey Brown, who helps girls in undeveloped countries grow more confident through soccer.
  • nina Nina Dobrev is awesome. That is all.

Minimalist Finding Nemo


finding nemo

Yay! :) Finding Nemo has been released in 3D! I get so giddy when it comes to Pixar films, especially when they are being re-released in theaters. Finding Nemo is a classic, and I’m sure, if I do catch it in theaters, that people of all ages will be attending. I do adore Dory.


vera bradley’s newest pattern

In honor of the upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Vera Bradley is releasing their newest pattern, Ribbons next Thursday, September 20. I am in love with the bright and vibrant color scheme, yet its much more subtle than Va Va Bloom. Although I do not *think* they are coming out with any new products, I just have to buy a bag in this. You know, a little back-to-school treat :)

Penguin #logos #penguin books

this adorable ad

Quite possibly the cutest advertisement ever. Seriously.

I am now a huge fan of penguins.

the weekend

the long weekend

I have never wanted Friday to come so badly. Although I have been in school for only eight days, I feel like I have been back for over three months! I hope that with the long weekend ahead I can catch up on a few projects, watch some shows, and do some baking. On Tuesday, I will be refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to put these tips into action.

Have a delightful night!
B :)


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