Starting School


I think it’s time for another photo story, guys :) This one is about Ruthie’s first day of school!

Ruthie walked into the school with butterflies in her stomach. It had been a few months since she had seen her friends, and she was nervous about her classes. Thankfully, her good friend Isabella saved her a seat in the auditorium for the Welcome Back assembly. Ruthie and Isabella chatted about the theater camp Ruthie attended and Isabella’s trip to Hawaii until the principal began the speech.

The students were handed their schedules with instructions to go to homeroom. With the help of a map, Ruthie was able to find Ms. Garcia’s room without a problem :)

When Ruthie found her locker, she was greeted with a pleasant surprise. Her friend Zoey was her locker buddy! Ruthie couldn’t believe her luck, and Zoey was just as happy to see her friend.

While the two girls decorated their lockers, they caught up on each other’s summers and compared schedules. Zoey also took art as an elective, so they would see each other again in the afternoon.

Now it was time for Ruthie’s first “official” class – Math. Ruthie doesn’t really like math, so she wasn’t looking forward to it. However, her teacher, Mrs. Delmenico, was friendly, and convinced Ruthie that she would have a good year.

Ruthie’s next class was ELA. They went down to the library, and the class was given the opportunity to take out books. The bookshelf had so many options that it was hard for Ruthie to choose!

She finally picked on Pride and Prejudice. It was a bit lengthy, but Ruthie thought she could finish it by the end of September. Even then, she knew she would be back to check out more books!

Ruthie’s third period class was French. They picked their French names and worked on greeting one another. Ruthie and Isabella were often found giggling over how fun everything was to say in French! :)

Ruthie’s last class before lunch was Science. The teacher, Mr. Sakes, let the students partner up to complete a Textbook Scavenger Hunt. This year, they will learn all about plants, animals, and ecosystems.

At lunch, Ruthie sat with Isabella, Hannah, and Julie. She packed her lunch herself the night before, and Ruthie was anxious to eat her homemade sugar cookie.

After lunch, Ruthie went to Art and Social Studies. In Social Studies, they made big All-About Me posters to hang up around the classroom.

Before she knew it, the bell rang, and Ruthie’s first day was all done!

Have a lovely night!

Bella :)

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