Vanishing Acts: A Book Review


Vanishing Acts (Maggie Brooklyn Mystery)

Vanishing Acts by Leslie Margolis

Summary: When a movie starring tween heartthrob Seth Ryan starts filming in Park Slope, everyone gets movie mania-including Maggie Brooklyn Sinclair. Though her plans to become a movie extra don’t quite work out, Maggie manages to capture Seth’s attention and he seeks her out at the Pizza Den to talk. But just when Maggie’s life is feeling like a romantic comedy, Seth disappears! Everyone thinks he’s been kidnapped, but Maggie knows better. . . This young Nancy Drew is back, along with her twin brother and dog-walking business, in a second mystery that shines a spotlight on her super-sleuth skills. Leslie Margolis’s pitch-perfect tween voice will leave fans begging for more of this loveable heroine.

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My Thoughts: A few years ago, I picked up the book Boys are Dogs, and ever since I have been a fan of Leslie Margolis. Her books are perfect for the upper elementary/middle school readers, and are spot-on character-wise. Her series about Maggie Brooklyn are geared for younger readers than those who enjoy the Boy are Dog books, but I love them all the same. In this one, Maggie is trying to figure out who is egging poor, helpless dogs in the park. On top of that, in the middle of her investigation, Seth Ryan, the hottest teen star around, disappears! It may sound a *tad* far-fetched, but it’s a book, so I’m rolling with it :) Maggie’s character is realistic and fun to read about. The author has quite the skill for creating realistic characters with their dialogue and actions. I love how flustered she gets around her crush, and how she is all the way honest with her parents because it really deepens the connection with the reader. Seth was dumb. Loveable, but awfully dumb. He was kind of like a clueless little puppy. However, I totally get why he has no idea what the real world is like. He acted since he was a little boy, so he was sheltered away from media and paparazzi, yet he also never got to experience what a real teen goes through. I must say, I disliked his agent. She kept Seth away from his dad, even going as far as to hide the letters his father sends him! Isn’t that a cruel thing to do?! On the other hand, I really appreciate how his dad tried to make things better, and how he kept writing letters even though Seth never responded. Isn’t that a sweet thing to do?! :) The director was down-right crazy, but he made the story interesting. Everything he did was outrageous, and I can’t believe how mean he was to everyone. The result? He was publicly humiliated by Seth in the end. He deserved it. Maggie’s friends and brother made terrific supporting characters, and the story wouldn’t be the same without them. I adored the relationship between Lulu and Maggie’s brother, even if Maggie was SO busy that she didn’t even realize it! Overall, this was a cute, quick read that I think any mystery-loving girl will enjoy.

Pros: Developed characters and well-written plot.

Cons: The dialogue could have used a little work, but it wasn’t too bad.

Heads Up: Nothing!

Overall: I give it 4 1/2 stars {**** 1/2} and I recommend it for ages 8 and up.

To visit the author’s website {and to learn more about the first book} click here.

Another book I finished up this past week? From What I Remember by Stacy Kramer and Valerie Thomas. Very funny and well-written. The authors are thinking of doing a sequel, and I’m hoping that they will say “yes!”

From What I Remember...

Have a lovely evening!

Bella :)

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