Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow: A Book Review


Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow by Jessica Day George

Summary: The lass and her family weren’t expecting any visitors, least of all, a great white bear! The animal promises riches to the family, but only if the lass promises to come and live with him in a castle for a year and a day. Her father and older brother are reluctant to let the young lass go, but they finally give in. The lass herself sees the whole thing as an adventure, and with her faithful wolf by her side, she and the bear go off to foreign lands. Thankfully, the lass was blessed with the gift to communicate with animals, so she is able to talk freely with the bear and the servants among the palace. For the first few weeks, the lass happily lives with her new companions, but suddenly things take a turn for the worst. The servants and the bear are always talking about a woman, but who? What is the language on the pillars? Unfortunately, being curious has its downfalls… {going back to my own summaries for the time being! I have a feeling it will be a lot of switching back and forth, especially with school starting, but we’ll see.}

My Thoughts: Tons of spoilers ahead! I became a fan of Jessica Day George this past spring when my sister got me hooked :) This summer, I decided to take a crack at her other young adult novel, Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow. To start, it’s a totally different feel from the Princess stories. Set in a Norwegian village {I don’t remember a time period, but I’m assuming it was long ago} we meet a young lass. Her mother didn’t want any girls, so when the lass was born, the mom threw the baby girl into her eldest daughter’s arms. Since naming was the mother’s job, the girl was never given a name :( Sad, right? Anyhoo, the author tells us a bit about her life as a child and her early teen years, which then leads into the development of her special skill. The lass can communicate with animals, thus becoming a legend in the local villages. Surprisingly, even though this part of the story took up a good chunk, I always thought I had only been reading for 5 minutes! The pacing was superb throughout the entire book, which is always a plus. No one likes a slow story! The lass was strong and quite intelligent, yet still had the mistakes needed for a good story. I thought Jessica Day George did a terrific job developing her as a character, even if she didn’t have a name! She was a tad too curious, but that’s what led her to defeat the troll queen. I adored the bear/prince! :) Seriously, what a nice guy. I had no idea that the bear was the same person as the “sleeping man.” However, as the story continued on, the author subtly revealed hints as to what the whole picture was, allowing the reader to piece together everything at the same time as the lass. Total cuties, the lass and the bear. I bet they got married, right!? The lass’ family divided into two categories for me: the nice, supportive type and the crabby, greedy type. Her father, sisters, and Hans Peter were oh-so kind, and extremely protective of the little girl. Her mom? Not so much. And, apparently, this is based after a fairy tale? Who knew?! :)

Pros: Good pacing and developed characters.

Cons: Hrm. I don’t really know, but the book wasn’t outstanding. Maybe it was the plot itself that could use a little work?

Heads Up: A little scary for younger Jessica Day George fans. This one is meant for upper elementary and middle schoolers, in my opinion.

Overall: I give it 4 stars {****} and I recommend it for ages 11 and up.

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And, Jessica Day George has another book coming out! Whoo-hoo! :)

Have a nice night!

Bella :)


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