loving >> week 38


First, can you believe that we are on Week 38?! Blew. My. Mind :)

I’m loving..

Final Three Designers

the design star all-stars finale

I feel like this just started, and now the finale is coming up on Tuesday?! Anyhoo, I loved seeing some of the most memorable designers appear again for a chance to win a cash prize and a spot on a HGTV show. I love all three, but I am rooting for Hilari :) She is so lively and entertaining on camera, and she is a good designer! Leslie has improved a TON from Season 6, so I wouldn’t be disappointed if she was crowned the winner. I <3 her roller skates last week! Hehe. Finally, Tom is you know Tom. He’s so likable, and, like the other two, deserves to win. If he does, he’ll have to nail the camera challenge first. Will you tune in on Tuesday at 8 pm?

Shake It Up

{umm, I couldn’t find a single movie poster, so enjoy this from the actual TV show :)}

shake it up: made in japan

Don’t tell anyone, but I actually like Disney shows :) My favorite would have to be Good Luck Charlie, but a close runner-up is Shake It Up. Tonight, Zendaya and Bella Thorne are starring in the first Shake It Up movie. I wish we could watch it tonight, but we don’t have cable, so we’ll just wait until it appears on Netflix and/or Redbox. {We are more of an Apple TV family.} It looks good, however, so let’s hope its worth waiting for!

the international tennis hall of fame

I really like tennis, if you haven’t noticed :) Yesterday, I went down to Newport to visit the International Tennis Hall of Fame with my dad and sister. It was very cool, with exhibits on all of the eras of tennis, going back to when it was first invented, and up to 2011. I thought the entire museum as a whole was interesting, but my favorite parts would have to be the fashion parts and the advertisements. I loved how the dresses ranged from decade to decade, and I thought it was kind of funny how some had so many jewels on them! The advertisements appealed to me because of the graphic design element. I especially enjoyed the vintage Coca-Cola ones! If you are ever around in Rhode Island, I would totally recommend taking a peek in the Tennis Hall of Fame.


Doesn’t this look good? I don’t know *too* much about it, but it seems that it is about three sisters who form a singing group together. It stars Jordin Sparks, who is pretty cool :), and the late Whitney Houston, who has an AHmazing voice. I would love to see it this summer {did I tell you there is only 20 days left until the first day of school?} but it will most likely be out on DVD later this year/early 2013 if I don’t get around to it. What do you think? Will you be seeing it?

{by amy borrell}

the thoughts room

I love this. It’s so simple! You just happily press the space bar, and then write down your thoughts, and you’re done! :) It’s so calming and makes me feel energized and happy, yet it only take 3 minutes. I will totally keep this in mind when life gets a tad stressful comes fall. I don’t like keeping a journal, so this is a perfect alternative. I also noticed that there is something called “the quiet day,” where you only write in lowercase letters for the day, on September 21. Worth a shot, don’t you think?

Price is Right is waiting :) Have a delightful day!



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