loving >> week 37


I’m loving…

Lookbook cover!


l’atelier de sitara’s fall/winter 2012 line!

I am in LOVE with Sitara’s Fall/Winter line for 2012! It was just released this morning, and I think this is her best work yet. The line is call “Yearbook,” and each outfit is named after a different yearbook superlative. From left to right, here’s what I thought about each outfit… The “Most Likely to Succeed” is adorable, and I love the denim jacket. The “Most Likely to be the Next Great Scientist” is not my favorite, but aren’t the white ruffles at the bottom of the dress such a cute touch?! The last two are my favorites. The first one, “Most Artistic” comes with basics that can be worn alone, but they still look pretty when put together. I thought the teeny scarf was too cute for words, and much much better than the ones AG has released in the past. Finally, “Most Likely to Travel the World” is gorgeous, and I totally wish that there were human-sized pieces! :)

seventeen’s september 2012 issue

You should all have expected this :) Since my September issue of Teen Vogue came last week, it only made sense that the Seventeen one would follow. Now I’m anxiously awaiting the back-to-school issue of American Girl. *sigh* Here are my favorite articles from this issue…

  • look better instantly {<– that’s a lie. As much as I would like to look better instantly, it takes time my friends.} I have been searching for a quick and easy core workout that still provides results, and this may be the one! It only takes about 15 to 18 minutes to complete {10 minutes of cardio + the four moves} and it feels SO good afterwards.
  • celeb style for a steal I’m pretty sure we all have one celebrity whose style inspires what we wear each day, but I’m also pretty sure that most of us do not have money to spend on designer pieces. This article finds clothing and accessories based after stars’ red carpet looks. Now I can’t be the only one who loves Elizabeth Olsen and Chloe Grace Moretz’s looks, right? :)
  • fashion friends I surprisingly liked this fashion spread! I’m not really for grouping people together into “cliques,” because there’s definitely more to each person than meets the eye, but I did like the outfits that were put together.
  • step up your breakfast! With the new school year approaching, I am trying to think up of new breakfast ideas. I was so happy to find that this supplied me with three new recipes to try out! I can not wait to have the Breakfast Quesadilla. Yum!

Angie's Classic Kettle Corn

angie’s kettle corn

I used to hate kettle corn. Now I love it. We have a love-hate relationship going on :) Anyhoo, I like to buy the individual bags of Angie’s Classic Kettle Corn and munch on it as a midmorning snack. It also makes a good movie night choice when you mix it with some Pirate Booty.

{via. I don’t know where the Waukesha Civic Theater is, but I really like this poster :)}

42nd street

You know my sister, Lulu? {she’s awesome. check her out here.} Anyhoo, tomorrow and Sunday she is acting in a production of 42nd Street! I am so so happy for her, and I know she will do AHmazing on stage. Long story short, she took a theater camp for the past three weeks, and each day from 9 to 4, they rehearse {and play, but the other way sounds so much more dramatic. hehe.} so that they can put on a full-length musical! I have heard the songs over and over again, so I know Lulu is ready. Break a leg, sis! :)


national s’mores day

Umm, did anyone else know that there was a National S’mores Day? :) I am oddly obsessed with these tasty treats, and I can’t wait to make a few this weekend. As much as I would love to make some s’mores today, it’s raining. Doesn’t it figure.


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