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As I said a few weeks ago, I was unable to fit in July’s Style Snapshot. But it’s all good, because today, I’m posting the August one, and it is only August 9th! I’m very proud ;) Anyhoo, this month, I decided to try something a little different. Instead of creating a set of items, I thought I would pick eight or so popular trends for autumn. I know many people have started school or have the first day coming up in a few weeks, {like moi} so what’s better than focusing on cute back-to-school clothes?! What made your list for fall?

Cable Cardigan

[1] Cable Knit is HUGE right now. Whether you rock it with a traditional sweater {shown above} or a quirky bag, this will transition nicely into winter. I really like it in soft grays and browns, but I’ve seen some knits in the most AHmazing brights, like yellow, so pick something to fit your personality.

>> find the sweater here.

[2] Floral denim is on the rise, and it is a trend that you can wear with practically anything! Treat these like your favorite pair of jeans. If you pick more of a muted floral, it will work with a good chunk of your shirts, but if you go with a bright floral {like the ones as Delia’s} you’ll have more trouble finding a match.

>> find the jeans here.

Suede Jazz Boots

[3] Boots have always been an essential for fall, but, this year, it’s all about the chunky heeled boots. It doesn’t matter the size of the heel, but you should make sure you stick with neutrals. I would totally pair these with everything from jeans to dresses!

>> find the boots here.

[4] Plaid shirts are terrific pieces to own! Well you could wear plaid in the spring, something about it just screams autumn to me :) My only advice is not to go overboard. The simpler you outfit, the better.

>> Find the shirt here.

AEO Polka Dot Loop Scarf

[5] I LOVE polka dots! :) So why not take my favorite print and wear it? There’s always sweaters, shirts, skirts, and dresses with the dotted pattern, but I like this little gem from American Eagle. It would jazz up any outfit!

>> find the scarf here.

[6] Graphic tees are so fun to pick out. I love to look for funny or quirky sayings that describe me and would make me smile any day. Walk into any clothing store, and you are bound to find at least one, but I have my eyes on Gap’s Threadless tees, especially this “Missing U” one.

>> find the shirt here.

girls larissa tee

[7] Animals, surprisingly, are popping up on shirts and sweaters recently. Of course, they are all adorable! Abercrombie is most famous for its moose, but isn’t this dog with the bow tie so cute? He is one dashing puppy :)

>> find the shirt here.

Girls Hollister Super Skinny Jeans

[8] Finally, denim on denim is a trend that I have noticed on Pinterest. I am nowhere near as bold enough to try it, but I’m sure someone has the guts to! Instead, I will just stick with my basic skinny jeans :) It’s all good…

>> find the jeans here.

What do you think of the round-up?

Have a lovely evening!

Bella :)

4 thoughts on “fall trends

  1. Bella, this is Kris (Aubreigh and Maisey’s mom) your Mom’s friend in Virginia, and I just want to say how much I love your blog! You are one amazing young lady! I love the AG School ideas and I am looking forward to using some of the ideas to help Maisey with homeschooling. I am looking forward you sharing all of this with Aubreigh too! Keep up the great work.


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