Ruby Redfort – Look Into My Eyes: A Book Review


Ruby Redfort Look Into My Eyes

Ruby Redfort – Look Into My Eyes by Lauren Child

Summary: Ruby Redfort is one smart kid. At age two, she knew who stole her neighbor’s dog, and was able to identify the kidnapper’s license plate. When she was seven, Ruby won a code-breaking contest. At age eight, she created a code so hard that even Harvard students couldn’t crack it. Now, at age thirteen, Ruby is on her way to becoming an actual agent. While, code breaker, but it’s all the same to Ruby. A highly secretive spy agency has hired her to crack a code that could save precious valuables from being stolen. Spectrum, the name of the agency, lost their most recent code cracker to an avalanche, and the last person they could turn to was Ruby. Did they really want to? No. Did they have to? Yes. It’s up to Ruby, and she is determined not to let Spectrum down.

My Thoughts: What made me pick this up at the library was the cover. The bright green and pink combined with the eye-catching design can really persuade a potential reader :) To my surprise, this was by the same lady who wrote the Clarice Bean series. I LOVED those books, but I had no idea that this book was by the same author. As I read reviews though, it all came back to me. Clarice always talked about her favorite books series about a teenage spy named Ruby Redfort {who would have guessed?} and now, Lauren Child decided to give Ruby a series of her own. Anyhoo, this was a terrific read, and is definitely worth buying. Ruby is such a strong heroine. She’s smart, daring, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, kind of like Gilda Joyce. I loved how she always kept her cool, even when the villain had her tied up, and she had only a few minutes left to live. {I would be a big mess at that point!} And, unlike some other main characters, I never really minded her. She didn’t bug me, and I enjoyed reading about her. Clancy, Ruby’s best friend, was funny :) I really liked his personality and loyalty to Ruby, and, believe me, sometimes I thought she didn’t deserve as good of friend as Clancy. I’m going to make a habit of connecting each character to someone, so I would have to say that Clancy reminded me of Billy from Jane by Design. Childhood friend protecting a secret from suspicious adults?! See the connection? Hitch, Ruby’s “butler” and mentor, was another favorite of mine. I loved how he worked under pressure, and he had all the qualities of a classic spy. Who did he remind me of, you ask? Alexander, from Spy School :) I do wish that some of the characters had more development, mainly the adults. In order for a kid to have an adventure, it always seems that the parents are stupid and/or gone. In this case, Ruby’s parents weren’t the brightest bulbs on the planet. They were very self-centered, and never really cared where Ruby was or were she was going. Thankfully, she had an intelligent and caring housekeeper, who, to no surprise, was kidnapped. And, so, letting Ruby to venture off and crack codes, you know, what every thirteen year old does. But, besides that, I had no other complaints. Overall, I am very happy to see that Lauren Child has released yet another good book.

Pros: Some developed characters, good visual description, entertaining plot, and interaction with the reader.

Cons: The adults needed some more development and the book was rather lengthy.

Heads Up: The word “bozo” was used a LOT, although I don’t know if that is necessarily bad.

Overall: I give it 4 1/2 stars {**** 1/2} and I recommend it for ages 11 and up.

I am loving the paperback cover, and I’m thinking it might be worth buying with my Amazon gift card :)

Look Into My Eyes (Ruby Redfort)

You can learn more bout Ruby Redfort here.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Bella :)

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American Girl Historical Caroline Abbott

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