Double Dog Dare: A Book Review


Double Dog Dare

Double Dog Dare by Lisa Graff

Summary: What would you do to win the coveted spot of being the school’s very own news anchor? Would you lick a frog? Dye your hair green? Eat eighty-seven packets of ketchup? Fourth-graders Kansas Bloom and Francine Halata are fighting for the job, and along with their fellow Media Club members, they are coming up with outrageous dares one after another. To be news anchor, you must have completed the most dares by Winter Break, and neither Francine, nor Kansas want to be the one to lose. Although they start off as archenemies, over the competition, Francine and Kansas learn more about one another and realize that they may have more in common than they originally thought. Could the job of news anchor be shared?

My Thoughts: I adored Lisa Graff’s Umbrella Summer, but I haven’t been following her newer releases lately. And so, I was beyond happy to see this little novel in the “New Books” section at my local library. {It was released earlier this spring.} The story follows two fourth graders as they complete rather silly dares to win the news anchor job. My guess is that Media Club is a pretty serious deal :) Francine was a cutie, although I did find her stubbornness to be a tad annoying and it sometimes games off as whiny. I did admire how daring she was when it came to the dares because I didn’t really expect much from her at first. But, she seriously wanted that job so so so much, so I guess it wasn’t it too big of a surprise. I loved her when she was with Ginny. {Kansas’ little sister} She is an only child, but their relationship felt like two sisters, not two girls who met in a yoga class. Kansas also had the drive and determination {and the stubbornness!} that Francine had, but I didn’t find it as harsh as Francine’s personality if that makes any sense? He was a great big brother, but I found his feelings and actions to be pretty accurate for a boy who is in fourth grade. So, umm, kudos to the author for making him realistic! Ginny was adorable! I wanted to hug her :) I practically cried when she ate a granola bar to make her dad come {1. she has peanut allergies 2. her dad didn’t come. meanie.} The supporting characters were superb both in character development and entertainment. Francine’s friends were awesome and I could totally imagine them being fourth graders. This author has got the realistic characters thing down :) The boys were goofy, if not stupid, but that’s okay, I guess. One character I didn’t like was the teacher. I felt that it was a bad decision to let her students do the dares. We all know it’s going to end badly, right? However, the dares were funny to read about. I really liked when Francine dyed her heir green and when Kansas wore his sister’s tutu to school. Overall, this was quite and enjoyable read, and definitely persuaded me to check out more of Lisa Graff’s books.

Pros: Developed characters and entertaining plot.

Cons: Nothing!

Heads Up: Nothing to be really concerned about.

Overall: I give it 5 stars {*****} and I recommend it for ages 8 and up.

Have a terrific evening friends!

Bella :)


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