Remarkable: A Book Review



Remarkable by Lizzie K. Foley

Summary: In the town of Remarkable, everyone and everything there is outstanding. It has the world’s best dentist, the best architect, the biggest sea monster {yes, even bigger than the Loch Ness Sea Monster} and the best detective. There is a young genius, a world-renowned author, and the best artist. However, there is one person who has no remarkable talents or abilities. Jane Doe comes from a family of child prodigies and famous parents, yet she has none. She is remarkable at just being ordinary! Everyone seems to forget about her, especially because she is the only student at the public school. {Everyone else attends Remarkable’s School for the Remarkably Gifted} You could say that her life is rather dull. That is, until the Grimlet Twins get expelled from the gifted school and are now part of Jane’s fifth grade class. Remarkable at creating mischief, the twins shake up Jane’s life quite a bit. Enter a weather machine, a handful of pirates, and a jelly controversy, and, maybe, just maybe, Jane’s life might not be so boring anymore.

My Thoughts: *Spoilers! How could you not pick up Remarkable with that bright cover!? I just love how it weaves the title in with a little information about the story. I truly would base the book solely on the cover, but I don’t think that would be fair :) The cover aside, this was a quick read that I think middle grade readers will LOVE! Right off the bat, Lizzie K. Foley had me hooked. The entire town and cast of characters are over-the-top and so ridiculous, but because she writes in such a whimsical and almost “cartoonish” way, it all fits. Foley described Remarkable vividly and it was easy to see where the story was going. Our main character, Jane, is someone you cheer for the entire time. An underdog, Jane may seem ordinary, but I preferred her over the other wacky citizens of the town. Her family ignored her, which made me sad :( They talk so highly amongst themselves, but when they talk to Jane, it carries over in a different tone. However, her mother’s plan of action {Her to-list consisted of items like “Engage in Jane’s life by asking her about her day.} made me laugh! I didn’t *really* like her brother because he whined and complained too much, but I also felt bad for him. The girl Anderson wants doesn’t care for him, but he does everything he can to try to change her mind. Even singing. Really bad singing. I <3 Jane’s grandparents. They were so supportive of her, and, unlike her other family members, they actually talked with her! Her grandma was a tad uptight and had some high standards, but you could tell she cared about the ones she loved. I adored the relationship between Jane’s grandfather and Lucky, the sea monster. Didn’t you love how he shook up for her, and how he would even stay a night in jail if it meant Lucky would be protected? Captain Rojo Herring was hilarious, and I actually suspected that he was the music composer all along. {Captain Red Herring. Hehe :) Because it’s not really him. *sigh* Read the book and you’ll get it.} The thing with Remarkable is that there is SO MUCH going on. I do believe there is close to seven different story lines going on at once, and it is just too confusing for the reader. I feel that the author kept adding and adding when it wasn’t necessary, and it kind of distracted from what could have been an amazing book. It was good, but it could have been much better with a little more development to the core characters and subtracting some of the lesser ones. Whew. I think I am done.

Pros: Some of the characters were developed and entertaining to read about, and the plot had a few good points.

Cons: There was too much going on, and I wished Jane was fleshed out more.

Heads Up: A pretty kid-friendly book!

Overall: I give it 3 1/2 stars {*** 1/2} and I recommend it for ages 9 and up.

Doesn’t Master Chef look fun tonight?! I’m totally rooting for Josh, Stacey, or Anna to make it back.

Bella :)


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