The Wizard of Dark Street: A Book Review


The Wizard of Dark Street (An Oona Crate Mystery)

The Wizard of Dark Street by Shawn Thomas Odyssey

Summary: Oona Crate was born to be the Wizard’s apprentice, but she would much rather be finding clues than saying spells. Oona may have the rare gift of natural magic, but her dream is to open up a detective agency. All she needs now is a case to prove to her uncle, the Wizard of Dark Street, that logic is just as good as magic. When someone attacks her uncle, Oona decides to take matters in her own hands. There’s no doubt that the bumbling and foolish police inspector would do anything, so it’s up to Oona to save the Wizard. With the help of her raven friend, Deacon, an enchanted faerie, and a cute boy, Oona is determined to capture the person who wanted her uncle dead.

My Thoughts: Isn’t that a fun cover?! I loved the cute illustrations, so I picked it up, in hopes that the story would be just as good. I was pleasantly surprised at how well-written it was. {You know how fantasy can sometimes be…} I am getting tired of the constant use of the same storyline over and over again, and even thought this is a kid’s book, the storyline was a nice change. Oona was a terrific main character/heroine. She was developed and had a unique personality. The author clearly had skills in showing emotion, and there was no exception with Oona. I loved the hint of zest she had, and her sense of adventure was a delight to read about. I think that she made a very good detective :) She had confidence, but not too much that she couldn’t be taken down {for lack of a better term} by a snobby, rich girl, Isadora. That relationship between Oona and Isadora was one of the keys to eating up the mystery. Another important element was that she wasn’t afraid to investigate. It was like,”Oh, I’ll just go into the tower with my raven, even though no one EVER goes there because of the goblins,” or “Hmm, going underground with no means to protect myself to capture an evil man? Sound like fun!” Hehe :) Oona didn’t really think everything through, but, fortunately, it worked in her favor. As awesome as Oona was, she was not my favorite character. That would have to go to Deacon and Adler. They may not have been as well-rounded as Oona, but they were certainly fun to read about! Deacon, her raven, was sophisticated and intelligent, yet I think he was one of the funnier characters. I loved at how sensitive he was when people called him a “pet.” Alder was a sweetie-pie, and I hope the relationship between him and Oona continues in the sequel. They are such a cute little couple :) Isadora was snobby, and I could not stand her, but every book needs someone you want to rip out of the story, right? Inspector White was just plain stupid. Really, Oona should just take over no. Gosh, he was really stupid! *sigh* The story had plenty of twists and turn, enough to keep you guessing, but also that you could figure out part of the mystery on your own. The author had a whimsical and quirky was of writing, which I think matched the style of the book. I didn’t think that the time period was too necessary, mostly because I always assume fantasy is just in another world. Now, I haven’t read Harry Potter, and by no means should The Wizard of Dark Street be compared to it, but I think this would be a nice lead into reading the series?

Pros: Fairly developed characters and an entertaining mystery.

Cons: The lesser characters {basically anyone besides Oona} needed a little more fleshing out, if that makes any sense.

Heads Up: A few minor, minor words and some violence. Nothing to truly worry about.

Overall: I give it 4 1/2 star {**** 1/2} and I recommend it for ages 10 and up.

Shawn Thomas Odyssey has a sequel in the works called The Magician’s Tower. It is planned to come out on February 26, 2013. Yay!

To view the website, click here.

Have a lovely morning!

Bella :)


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