New AG Goodies!


This morning, American Girl released a boat load of new items! While AG fans caught glimpses of them over the past week, I’m pretty sure no one expected all this. I’ve categorized just a third of the new releases into favorites and least favorites. There’s a long post ahead!

my favorite items

allergy free lunch

Another thing that I want! My doll Hannah has a peanut allergy, so what better than an allergy free lunch? I just have to ask, though, who has heard of a sandwich skewer?

spooky fun outfit

I LOVE this! I won’t buy it until September/October, but look at the puffy skirt! The striped tights! The tee! :)

the sweet savannah dress

This is one of the outfits I couldn’t wait to see, and American Girl didn’t disappoint! It’s a bit more sophisticated than what AG usually produces, but it’s something even I would possibly wear.

bitty pea pod outfit

I can’t think of anything cuter at the moment. This is beyond adorable!  If only they had another vegetable, so that my sister’s Bitty Twin and my Bitty Twin could go trick-or-treating in matching costumes.

roller skating set 

I was surprised, but happy, when I noticed that AG is selling the roller skate with the outfit. I seriously might buy this for the skirt and sweatshirt. That blue is so pretty!

the dolls without hair

I NEVER imagined that American Girl would actually do this! After years of fans asking for doll without hair, it seems that AG finally listened. Another thing I’m so happy about? The hearing aids. Not only are they cute, I’m sure girls with them will be ecstatic to learn that their doll can too. Bravo, AG!

movie chair and snack set

Well isn’t this fun! I think that this will sell well, and I *believe* it will be coming here soon. My favorite part would have to be that beanbag chair.

weekend fun outfit

Must. Get. Soon. I’m totally digging the tunic, and American Girl needed a new pair of jeans.

my least favorite items

ivy’s rainbow romper

 While I’m happy that Ivy got a new outfit, I’m a bit disappointed in the result. It’s okay, but I think that Ivy deserves better :) I do like the rainbow “belt” in the middle, however.

the butterfly twist dress

Ehh, it’s okay. I think it’s a bit too girly for my tastes, and I don’t like how the colors don’t match. I’m sure the little girls will love it :)

butterfly garden pj’s, garden robe, and pillow

$48. No. It’s adorable, but I will not pay $24 for a robe and pillow. I might buy the pajamas, which are sold separately.


Poor Licorice. She looks nothing like her old self :(

What do you think of the new releases? Besides the items shown above, there is a new MyAG doll, MyAG meet outfit and accessories, a car {! ridiculous overpriced, but they are patterning with Volkswagen, my friends} a new doggie, boots, sneakers, blankets, a service dog set, a leotard for McKenna, an exercise outfit, a volleyball set, fall outfits for the Bitty Twins, and a dress for Bitty Baby. Whew! You can see why I didn’t list them all here :)

Off to revise my wish list…

Bella :)


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