Snow White and the Huntsman


Snow White and the Huntsman {2012}


  • Kirsten Stewart
  • Chris Hemsworth
  • Charlize Theron
  • Sam Claflin
  • Sam Spruell

Summary: The king shouldn’t have trusted Ravenna. {Theron} He definitely shouldn’t have married her. If he hadn’t, he would be alive and his daughter, Snow White {Stewart}, wouldn’t be locked up in a high tower with no means to escape. Now, with the king dead, and Ravenna having total control over the kingdom, there seems to be no hope for the villagers. When Ravenna’s magic mirror declares Snow White the fairest of them all, the evil queen plots to kill her because Snow White is the only one with the power to overcome her. What the queen doesn’t know is that Snow White has already escaped and is working with a local huntsman {Hemsworth} to gain the power she deserves. With the help of an old friend {Claflin}, forest animals, and some friendly dwarves, will Snow White take down Ravenna?

My Thoughts: *There are some pretty big spoilers ahead! I saw this one with my friends last weekend, and I kept forgetting to post about it! It is one of those summer romantic action movies. You know, where there’s plenty of adventure, usually a bad guy, and the two main character will most likely fall in love :) We have all seen one, but there was one *teeny* tiny problem with Snow White and the Huntsman. Where’s all the lovey-dovey stuff!? I swear, there was only one line throughout the ENTIRE movie which hints at a romantic interest. Its called Snow White and the Huntsman for a reason… That aside, I would totally see this again {and I think I will} but I don’t think it’s good enough to own. I don’t think Kirsten Stewart was a strong enough actress for this role. What we could have gotten was a powerful performance of a former royal wanting power once again, but what we got was a weak girl whose expression stays the same ALL the time. Just saying :) Chris Hemsworth’s casting, however, was spot-on, and he carried the storyline through. I thought with the costumes and the hair, he totally played the part of the huntsman, making the story much more believable. The real star of the movie, though, was Charlize Theron. She is an outstanding actress! Without her playing the queen {or another actress who can scream just as well.} this movie wouldn’t do as good as it has. She should be an evil queen more often :) Sam Spruell played Ravenna’s brother and assistant, and he was almost as scary. You could clearly tell that Ravenna always had the power, and he was used to her acting as the “better” child. His performance was solid, nothing to say there, but he was strangely pale… Did anyone else notice that? His haircut also bugged me. That, however, was all technical stuff. I thought he was amazing in the very beginning, when he almost killed Snow White. William was cool, and, for a moment, I thought he was Snow White’s true love. That would have made for an interesting love story. My favorite character would have to be Gus! He was AHmazing, and I loved his adorable sense in every. single. way possible. I was close to crying when he died! Although these guys weren’t really “characters,” I <3 the fairies! Their cuteness broke my heart. I wanted to hug them! That was about it for the cute parts. The rest of the movie was rather dark and quite violent. This would probably make the Brothers Grimm proud.

Pros: Outstanding performances from Theron and Hemsworth, plus some very lovable minor characters. The plot line took the classic fairytale,and made it new and interesting. The actual camera work and effects were gorgeous. Stunning, really.

Cons: I thought the main lead casting wasn’t the best, and the love story missed the mark.

Heads Up: Despite being a fairy tale, this is not a movie for the little ones. There are plenty of graphic images, especially when it involves the queen. I think there might have been some minor language as well.

Overall: I give it 3 1/2 stars {*** 1/2} and I recommend it for ages 12 and up.

Bella :)


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