The Summer List // 2012


In honor of the first day of summer yesterday, I thought I would share my little list of things I would like to do during my summer vacation. Unlike the average to-do list, these are all activities that I actually would like to do! It ranges greatly, and includes everything from catching up on some of my favorite TV shows to doing yoga daily. Between the heat and day-to-day stuff, I know not everything will be accomplished, but it’s nice to have goals listed in one place. Not to mention that it is in list format, which I love :) I’ll come back to this in early September to see how I did. I would love for you to join me in creating your summer plans. What would you put on your list?

Read 40 books
Try out some new hairstyles
Celebrate my birthday
Finish watching Season Two of Sherlock
Bake new recipes
Venture into the oh-so scary world of cooking ;)
Go swimming!
Watch Season Two of Pretty Little Liars
Have a sleepover with my friends
Go shopping
Run more {starting with this plan.}
Become stronger {using Seventeen‘s and GL‘s lovely summer workouts.}
Eat frozen yogurt :)
DIY manicure
Take LOTS of photos
Play tennis
Make a chalk town
Create a summery playlist
Organize my room
Survive the heat :)
Customize my blog
Try going media free for a day {we’ll see how that goes…}
See Brave, Madagascar 3, Ice Age 4 {?}, and the Katy Perry thing
Watch Bye, Bye Birdie and listen to the soundtrack
Write a story
Get up to 100 followers {hopefully. no pressure or anything.}
Stretch and do yoga daily
Plan for next year

Happy Thursday morning!

Bella :)


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