June is more than halfway over, so it’s time for yet another Style Snapshot. Due to buying two very cute shirts featuring sequins, I decided to devote this month to all things sparkly! For some reason, summer is often when I see lots of sequined items in stores. You can totally rock this trend, but, believe me, I’ve seen girls who have gone down the wrong route. Instead of wearing tacky glitters, or wearing too much sparkles, try looking for pieces with just enough pizzaz to add to your ensemble. You should NOT look like a walking Christmas tree :)

All That Glitters

Shopping Guide

  • Short Sleeve Chiffon Blouse >> Sold Out!
  • Reiss Kelly Sequin Top >> Can be found here.
  • Progression Top >> Can be found here.
  • AE Dark Denim Midi Short >> Can be found here.
  • Sequin Belted Shorts >> Can be found here.
  • Lipsy Sequin Detail Tutu Skirt >> Sold out!
  • Sperry Top-Sider’s Bahama Pink Sequin Shoe >> Can be found here.
  • TOMS’ Silver Glitters >> Can be found here.
  • Rose and Rose Sequin Scarf >> Can be found here.
  • Sequined Striped Straw Bag >> Can be found here.

 *Please note that this is a mix of items for kids and women, so keep that in mind!

Tips for Sequined Pieces

  • Use only ONE statement piece >> Pick one item to use as your BIG piece, and keep the rest of the outfit neutral. For example, if you were to wear one of the glittery shirts above, pair it with denim shorts or jeans.

  • Go for pastels >> Bright glitters often look tacky, but when they are in pastels, they can look classy and polished. Soft pinks, creams, silvers, and a kind of khaki have the glam without going overboard.
  • Bright colors can work >> With that being said, there is an exception to the rule :) When done right, hot pinks, blues, and even orange sparkly pieces could work! Just remember to keep the rest of your items a little “quieter.”

What do you have to say about the sequined trend? Any tips?

Bella :)


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