loving >> week 29


I’m loving…




Well, I think this one was obvious :) Monday is the official last day of school for me, and the first day of summer {on the calendar} is on Wednesday. To be totally honest, it feels like summer already, but I still have to get through that 1/2 day of school. Speaking of summer, I am in love with my new swimsuit! I ordered it from Boden {of course} and it arrived yesterday. Perfect timing!



top knots

I have been wearing this nonstop the past two weeks! Ever since it was in the June/July issue of GL, and I learned that my hair was actually long enough, the top knot has become my go-to hairstyle. I think it is very versatile, going with everything from tees to dresses. It just depends on how it is styled. It’s also the perfect way to disguise a bad/messy hair day, if you ask me. Especially on Fridays, when I am too tired to do anything with my hair! Hehe. My advice? I love it when there are a few strands of hair sticking out more than when all the hair is slicked back. The pictures above are all FAB examples.

amusement parks

Ah, yes, the amusement park. I felt like I hadn’t visited one in forever when I went to a park on Thursday. {It was meant to be a field trip to study the laws of motion, but we all know that it was a way to waste a day as the school year comes to a close. Believe me, I’m not complaining! :)} Fortunately, the lines weren’t too bad, and I was able to go on  quite a few before heading back. My favorite rides would have to be the oh so scary roller coaster {I was freaked out every time I went on, yet I continued to hop back in line. Weird.} and the log flume ride. It was lots of fun, and I would love to go back!

design star

Did you all know that this started a few weeks ago? Just me? Really? Apparently, there’s already been three episodes, and, well I have caught most of the third one and snippets of the other two, I haven’t really watched the all three fully. However, I can tell you who I’m rooting for. I really would like Brittany or Mikel to win, and I would be happy if Rachel won too. They are all talented designers and very nice :) Someone who isn’t a team player? Kris. I would like his show to be canceled. Preferably, the next episode. *You can visit the official website here.

my dad and brother

  • My brother’s birthday is Sunday, and although we sometimes dislike each other, I really do love him. So, happy birthday Noah! :)
  • I would also like to wish my dad a Happy Father’s Day. I love you, Dad!

Night, everyone.

Bella :)


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